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Everbilt Electric Water Heater Tune-Up Kit

Model # EB20018

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$9.98 / each
24 in. Plastic Water Heater Drain Pan

Model # 15021

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$11.28 / each
24 in. Thermocouple Kit

Model # 15028

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$26.22 / each
Everbilt Electric Water Heater Installation Kit

Model # EBWCB-07-18EKIT

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$39.97 / each
Everbilt 22 in. Water Heater Stand

Model # HR-22-H

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$12.48 / each
36 in. Thermocouple Kit

Model # 15030

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$31.47 / each
Everbilt Gas Water Heater Installation Kit

Model # EBWCB-07-18GKITA

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Average rating for Water Heater Parts
(4.4 / 5)
2,394 Reviews
  1. 3 months ago
    easy retrofit, buy yourself a good wrench for install, its worth it.
    simple install as long as you are aware what you need to do to drain the tank to the pressure relief level. Depending on your install and drainage, you might get some practice working on your PVC skills as well. A few install videos on the web were great to make this an easy install.
  2. 3 months ago
    3/4 in. Bronze NCLX Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
    the valve is what you need to keep you from replacing your whole hot water heater when it starts leaking and that is all that is wrong with the heater
  3. 2 months ago
    Painless way to stop a leak
    Old valve was leaking replaced with this valve no leak
  1. 5 months ago
    a must have for our house
    It literally took minutes to get even warm water in the kitchen, the bath and the shower. I easily installed this pump and valve and now the warm water is almost instantaneous. Much better on the face. The wife says this is "wonderful". Another plus is that the temperature setting in the shower is less hot than before. Had to obtain a second sensing valve for the second bath; could not find this in stock at the local home depot... had to order it in. This is the second unit I have purchased... ... read more will not be in a house again without it.
  2. 1 year ago
    Should have installed this a long time ago.
    The builder of our home put the HW heater in the garage and the master bath and kitchen on the other side of the house. We would need to run the what for over 1 minute to get HW. It took me less than 30 minutes to install the HW Heater pump (you need to pre-measure and pre-plan your hook up). It took 45 minutes to install the under-sink bypass manifold. Mounting the bypass manifold was not an option because of space restrictions; I left it hanging and it is working just fine. It was so nice to ... read more wake up this AM and wash my hands in warm water.
  3. 5 years ago
    Great addition to our house
    I'm a novice at home improvement but was able to install and start using this pump with relative ease. Our master bedroom is as far away from the hot water heater as possible. It normally took 1.5 minutes of cold water before we got hot. Now the hot is there in 5-10 seconds. The only downside is pipe clunking when the timer turns it off at night. I think i need to add one more of the special valves. I don't know what "branch plumbing" is but it was mentioned in the directions. My wife is quite happy with it.
  1. 11 months ago
    Good quality,easy to replace it is long need to bend and slowly straighten as entry into tank.
  2. 6 days ago
    No more smelly water!
    We installed the aluminum anode rod because we heard it didn't react with well water and you don't have the smelly hot water and we are pleased with the results.
  3. 5 months ago
    Good value, cheaper than a new water heater
    Old anode was just a 'pipe cap' - completely gone. And, it came out easier than expected. Problem is that I tried to buy two more of these anodes and HD was out of stock! So much for a good deal. this aluminum anode bent easily - necessary because the ceiling was closer than the anode rod length - and slid into the water heater after bending straight as it went in.
  1. 2 months ago
    Best invention....ever
    These lines are the greatest invention ever. Made the hot water tank install a breeze. Use them!
  2. 7 months ago
    A new plumbing application for me
    I recently replaced my electric hot water heater with a Rheem purchased online via Home Depot. I had always replaced sinks, water lines, etc. with the typical connection involving cpvc pipe and glue. I would always wait and see to make sure my connections would be water tight. I found the push to connect at the Home Depot and the sales person indicated that it was even approved for behind the wall application. I decided to go for the application and was very pleased with the ease and positive ... read more results with its use. I was impressed!!
  3. 5 months ago
    Fantastic new product
    I was dreading having to hire a plumber ($200 - $300 min) to install a brand new water heater just because I didn't know how to solder properly copper pipe but when I learned about this type of products (ie SharkBite) I was convinced that was the way to go... easy to install and just the right solution for me.
  1. 5 months ago
    DIY Doggie Outdoor Potty
    This fabulous pan is on my patio with sod in it acting as a doggie potty spot! I can keep the sod alive by watering it and not having the concrete a mess underneath. Great DIY project and easy material to work with.
  2. 3 months ago
    Durable but not really a good side mount do to only one position you can tap into.
  3. 6 months ago
    Seems to be a good product and solution.
    Product came quickly and the price with shipping was lower than most competing. I shopped around quite a bit online, read reviews etc. There is an inherent struggle to install one of these- no apparent way around it. We tipped it back, slid the tray in as far as possible, tipped forward, slid, adjusted. We were concerned the weight of the machine would break the tray edge but the product was resilient enough to withstand the weight of the washer on one rim edge while we tipped the machine down ... read more onto it. The tray was sleek enough to allow the machine to slide fairly easily into place after that. One then needs to re-level the machine after tipping it on the feet, a matter of tipping to and fro until the feet are level again. The whole process probably took us about a half hour. Overall so far satisfied with the purchase. It appears to be exactly what we needed and time will tell but it seems like a reasonably sturdy product that should last.
  1. 1 year ago
    Something you install hoping it is never needed.
    We live in a condo built on a slab. If the WH tank leaks, there is a good chance some water will flow into the living space or the neighbor's unit and damage the flooring. (Other units have had this happen in recent months and we replaced our WH. The new energy standards for WH's will result in tanks to large to fit our cubby hole where the WH is.) In any event, this is your basic aluminum pan. Note- It is 22 inches across the bottom of the pan and larger still at the top. It required a little ... read more light hammer work to make it fit in our 21 1/4" space but it will do the job nicely if ever needed.
  2. 2 years ago
    Drain This
    The hard part was setting the heater onto the pan by myself. I picked up the water heater with a winch setting it on top of the pan that rested on a three inch high base. Everything was on a tarp which I used to drag the new heater into position. Removed the old hot water heater, pulled the tarp out and hooked up the plumbing. As I have no floor drain, I ran one inch PVC out the front of the house and used the same pipe for the AC drain.
  3. 2 years ago
    Excellent drip/overflow pan!
    Well, other than this pan being required by code in most areas, works exactly as it should. It does come in two different sizes, so make sure you get the right size for your application. Not much else to say...
  1. 2 years ago
    Great replacement for those who don't solder
    When it came time to do some maintenance on our hot water heater, we were looking for the easiest solution possible. We didn't want to buy the materials to solder the connection, so the shark bite connector provided a great option for us. Very easy to use for beginners and experienced alike. Will definitely use more shark bite products in the future!
  2. 2 years ago
    Easy hot-water connect & no leaks
    The SharkBite 1/2 in. x 15 in. stainless steel push fit x FIP flexible water heater connector is a great new way to connect a water-heater or boiler to your home system. The female threaded ends screw onto the nipples from the tank with a bit of teflon tape to prevent sticking or corrosion and the SharkBite ends push right over cleaned and prepared pipes from the hot water inlet and cold water feed. When the water was turned back on, no leaks were detected from the new stainless steel mesh ... read more connectors and not even a droplet was released by the push-on ends. The push-on ends will require a special clip (sold separately) to remove. I recommend these SharkBite connectors for both do-it-yourself and professional plumbers.
  3. 1 year ago
    What a relief!
    Actually I used 3/4in x 18in S/S push fitting. I have been using "Shark Bites" Connectors for quite awhile in all types of plumbing ie: hot / cold 1/2 to 3/4" pex tubing and copper and I have never had a problem. I recently used the push on connector when I replaced our water heater and it saved me time and worry about leaking. This is a great product.
  1. 4 years ago
    Good product
    Works as advertized. Wish there was an easier way to determine output temperature! Done by trial and error.
  2. 2 years ago
    This is the standard range model
    This was a replacement for an existing mixing valve. Everything worked fine. But the image in the Home Depot catalog shows the one with a temperature range up to 145 degrees, not the one they actually sell with a range up to 120 degrees. Thankfully, it does deliver enough hot water at the 120 setting.
  3. 10 months ago
    Important safey Upgrade
    With grandkids in the house, it was important to insure they do not accidently get scalded. This product solved that problem completely.
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