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SharkBite: Certified Dependable

Start with the full line of SharkBite® push-fit fittings, designed and tested to the highest standards--no soldering or glue required. Add the speed of SharkBite PEX tubing, and you've got the industry's only Total Rough-Inn solution, and the fastest path from meter to fixtures.

Conserve Water, Save Money

Upgrade your toilet to start conserving water with an eco-friendly Dual Fush Toilet Kit. Turn your standard two-piece toilet into one that reduces water use by 30 percent. Easy to install and saves you money, a great combination for bathroom improvement.



Basics of Plumbing

Most people just know that when they turn on the faucet, water appears. This video takes you beyond the basics to learn how plumbing actually works.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

Is the sound of running water in your toilet driving you crazy, and driving your water bill through the roof? Fixing the problem may be easier than you think.

How to Replace Sink Faucets

Have you replaced a sink, or do you want to upgrade an to an attractive new faucet? Here are some simple steps for installing a new fixture.

How to Install/Replace a Toilet

Installing a new bathroom toilet is a fairly simple procedure that you can accomplish in just a couple of hours, and with just a few tools. Here's all you need to know.

How to Unclog a Tub Drain

Clear a plugged-up drain using some easy tricks and tips before you call a plumber or resort to potentially harmful chemicals.

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Get fast and friendly installation from  licensed, screened Home Depot professionals.

PRO Services

Plumbing professionals can leverage their buying power and take advantage of special parking and checkout lanes, credit options, and other innovations to save time and money.

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Explore all your plumbing fixtures, parts, and accessory options before you purchase. Find the right sizes, features, and quality.

Project Guides

Step-by-step plumbing repair, replacement and installation tips. Learn how to handle pipes, fixtures, pumps and more.

Community Forum

Need inspiration or help with a project? Meet other DIYers and discover what people are saying about plumbing in our bulletin board forums.