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Belmont 6-2/7 in. Straight Line Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull

52544 has 6" cc and is $12.22, while 52540 is 4"cc and is $15.65, Why is the smaller item more expensive?

Polished Brass 1-1/2 in. Cabinet Hardware Concave Round Knob

Is this cabinet knob available in black and in other sizes?

Seaside Cottage 1-3/8 in. Turtle Cabinet Hardware Knob

Is this item no longer going to be sold?

1-1/4 in. Hollow Cabinet Hardware Knob

Is this product in brushed nickel?

Venetian Bronze 1-1/4 in. Cabinet Hardware Round Knob

I purchased P50150C-VBR-C knobs in 2012 and now need more - is P50150H-VBR-C the same knob?

Fusilli II 5 in. Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull

Are your online specs for the Liberty illi II 5 in. Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull correct?

Kentworth 6-2/7 in. Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull

Is this handle available in satin Nickle? Do you have a wider one? Like 8" or 10"? (Liberty Kentworth 6-2/7 Cabinet Hardware Appliance Pull)

Pocket Door Track and Hardware Set

How long is the track on this pocket door kit? Is it 36" or 72 inches long?

Hancock Antique Nickel Half-Dummy Knob

I'm looking at the Kwikset Hancock Antique Nickel half dummy doorknob @ $7.98. I also would need 5 passage knobs and 1 privacy, plus hinges.

Estates 36 in. x 3 in. Stainless-Steel Concealed-Screw Grab Bar in Heritage Bronze--Discontinued

It says "discontinued" - does this mean you are still selling the ones in stock or is it not available?

Solstice Tan Outswing Security Door with Shatter-Resistant Glass Inserts and Polished Brass Hardware

can I get shatter resistant glass insert and a wire mesh insert also.

Crystal Lace Bar Cabinet Hardware Knob

I need to know the length and width of these knobs and if they are really crystal or glass

Urban Metals 3-3/4 in. Modern Cabinet Hardware Pull

Are there other finishes or only matte nickel for item 109036?

Replacement Scraper and Hardware Kit for Power Clear 21 Models

Will this fit a model 38589 Power Clear 421 QE 2011?

Bedford 3 in. Sculpted Cabinet Hardware Pull

can I get this (SKU #939854) in 4" size? 3" is too small. Thanks.

Urban Metals 3-3/4 in. Contour Cabinet Hardware Pull

Does this pull come with 2 screws for mounting?

27.75 in. x 7.5 in. x 1 in. Hardware Pack for Full Round Polymer Lazy Susans

We have a round Lazy susan, part of kitchen cabinets put in about 15 years ago. We want to buy replacement parts. We need the pole for sure and the