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You’ve filled up your closets and maxed out your drawers, but you’ve still got stuff to store. The solution might be under your bed. There’s some prime square footage just waiting to be utilized. Underbed storage is convenient because it’s completely out of sight while being within arm’s reach.

Find the Perfect Underbed Storage

You’ll need containers to hold the items you’re storing under the bed. Otherwise, you’ll just have a big mess. To start, measure your bed’s width and length, as well as the height from the floor to the bottom of the bedframe. With these measurements, you’ll be able to find under-bed storage containers to perfectly fit. If you need more room, try using risers to elevate your bed and increase storage space underneath.

Storage Features

A long storage box works well for wrapping paper and holiday ornaments. Containers with wheels makes it easier to move heavy items like books and sporting equipment. You can see the inside of clear totes or simply label boxes to help you remember what’s inside.

What Can Your Store Under the Bed?

Things you don’t use often, but want to have nearby, like:

Off-season clothing, shoes, toys, photo albums, and craft projects. Next time you declutter, think about storing your stuff under the bed.

Watch this video for clever underbed-storage solutions.

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