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Used for demolition, construction, remodeling & pipe cutting projects

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Was  $599.00
$399.00 / each
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DEWALT 15 Amp 12 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Model # DWS779

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Was  $649.00
$599.00 / each
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Bosch 15 Amp 12 in. Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw

Model # GCM12SD

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$129.00 / each
Ryobi 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw

Model # RTS10G

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Was  $349.00
$329.00 / each
Save $20.00 (6%)
DEWALT 15 Amp 12 in. Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Model # DW716

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$99.00 / each
DEWALT 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Model # DWE305

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$39.97 / each
Ryobi 13-Amp 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw

Model # CSB125

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$65.00 / each
Ryobi 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Model # RJ186V

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$199.00 / each
DEWALT 15 Amp 14 in. Cut-Off Saw

Model # D28715

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Average rating for Saws
(4.4 / 5)
2,044 Reviews
  1. 2 years ago
    Good for a home shop
    The WEN 15-Amp 10 in. Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the first miter saw I've ever owned, so using it was an experiment and an adventure led by the trusty instruction manual. Most of the instructions made sense, but, of all things, I had trouble getting the saw to unlock from the position in which it shipped. Eventually, I figured out that the release knob wasn't supposed to be unscrewed to release the cutting head, but, rather, was supposed to be pulled straight out - it would've been ... read more nice for the instructions to be explicit in describing this. There are a number of knobs, locks, buttons, and levers that need to be adjusted before the saw can be used, which means there's a lot to remember to properly use this saw. Then again, given that the saw can do straight cuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound miter cuts, it makes sense that there would need to be lots of settings to adjust. The saw cut well—the engine seems powerful enough to handle the jobs I'll use it for—but the carbide-tipped general purpose blade that came with the saw makes really rough cuts. If you want your cuts to be nice (to cut trim, for example), go buy a good finishing blade; if you're just cutting the wood that'll go behind the trim, the included blade will do the trick. At 49.5 pounds, this saw is quite bulky; therefore, I recommend using this saw bolted to a workbench at home or in a shop rather than as a portable job site saw. As though this is an anticipated conclusion, the saw comes with mounting holes drilled in the base. If you do mount it at home or in a shop, though, remember to leave enough space behind the saw for the blade to slide fully back on the sliding mechanism. Given that the saw is already quite large, leaving even more space behind it means that you'll be committing a big chunk of your work space to this saw, so be prepared for that. By following the directions in the instruction manual, I was able to adjust the bevel and miter angles quite easily. I was pleased to discover that the miter adjuster clicks at common angles (0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45°), and the bevel adjuster has a 0° bevel adjuster, so you can quickly and easily set your most common cutting angles. The laser didn't work for me once or twice, but I'm not sure if that's because I wasn't depressing the laser on/off switch hard enough or whether it was malfunctioning. When it did work, though, the laser made lining up my cuts really easy.
  2. 2 years ago
    Decent, but sprays sawdust
    My unit had a bit of a rough time during shipment, some of the Styrofoam in was encased in had given way but no major damage was done. Despite protective cardboard between the blade and the kerf plate the blade still come into contact with the plate resulting in a few small scratches, but nothing serious. Assembly is minimal - one really just has to learn how to unlock it from its ‘down’ position bring it up into the vertical position, and bolt it to a work surface. That work surface needs to ... read more be pretty large! You need a minimum of 35” front to back, and about 18” width. The miter table lock sticks out another 9” beyond the 35” of table needed. Keep in mind that you need space on either side for the wood you are cutting too. I built a simple bracket for it out of 2x4s and bolted the machine onto the that (see picture). Everything works well, the movement of the cut angles is nice and smooth and easy to change. There is a laser line included and the controls feel natural. The motor is mounted at an angle to allow full 45° cuts both left and right. The laser line starts about an inch from the fence. One issue is that a lot of the wood chips miss the dust collection system. I think this is because the design had to leave an opening for the laser to reach the wood and so a lot of the sawdust hits the laser cover and goes all over place. I removed the dust collecting bag and installed a shop-vac into the dust collector but material comes off the blade so fast it still does not all get collected even with the vacuum running.
  3. 2 years ago
    Best saw I have bought
    It is almost impossible to be a homeowner and not have a garage full of high powered cutting tools. At 15 amps the dual bevel sliding miter saw has the power to cut right through even knotty wood. This saw is a beast and I mounted mine to my bench table in the garage, I couldn't imagine carrying this behemoth around for any great distance. This is my go to saw for more medium size projects. The 10 inch blade size has proved fine for most of my cutting needs.
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  1. 8 months ago
    Wish I had this a long time ago
    Looking for a small battery powered saw like this for years. The only unit available to cut small trims that I install in yachts. Plenty of rpm to make perfect joinery work . Battery power all day long with the 4 amp battery. Wish that I could have purchased this years ago.
  2. 2 months ago
    Great tools
    The best tool for me to finish the job easy to carry
  3. 8 months ago
    better than I thought
    It work much better than one would think. It cut slower than but will cut a 2x6. It is great for trim work.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Does the Job !
    I needed to perform hundreds of "small cuts/chops" (corner molding). When I considered using my DeWalt DWS780, I realized the job was too lightweight for this powerful saw. So I looked at different smaller models. Why I did that, I'll never know, because I kept coming back to this DeWalt 20 volt MAX every time. Nothing else in its class comes even close! "You've gotta get one of these!"
  2. 6 months ago
    Great little saw
    Wow what a great saw! I bought this saw because I hate dragging out my big 12" saw, this saw is half the weight of my Dewalt 12" sliding miter saw. I wouldn't want to build a deck with this saw, but anything else it's perfect. For cutting laminate flooring or any king of trim work it excels . For anyone who has cut laminate floors you know how fast the blades get dull but these blades are cheap!
  3. 6 days ago
    Just bought this saw from HOME DEPOT , it did not disappoint. The saw does come with the high capacity battery and charger it will take the other 20 V batteries as well. the cuts were accurate and very smooth even with the blade that came with it , the shadow line from the led light appears when the blade is right above the work piece and is very accurate as well. I have a RYOBI cordless and it works well but this tool feels much sturdier but yet still light . The sliding rail is a big plus, the ... read more tool is expensive but I felt it was worth the price . I just wish that HOME DEPOT had the tool only for $319.00 as well. Just the same I'm happy with my purchase. The instructions were a lot better also.
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  1. 6 years ago
    excellent choice
    I purchased this saw two years ago when building our deck. Performs like any good miter saw does. Once aligned properly it will give accurate cuts as many times as you ask it to. Sliced thru pressure treated 2 x 8s and posts with no sweat. Glad I bought it. I did not give it five stars because it is a bit difficult to change the blade. I purchased an 80 tooth blade for it, which gives a much cleaner cut than the blade included with the saw (60 tooth I believe). Otherwise, it is a champ!
  2. 7 years ago
    excellent saw
    this saw is powerful havent found anything that it doesnt cut right throught all miter and bevel degree readings seem to be very acurate very easy to use and read when you combine it with a good stand makes it even better the only reason i didnt get the sliding saw was the price difference instructions are easy to read and very helpfully
  3. 6 years ago
    Quality Saw
    Overall a good saw.. the only issue I have ran into is the blade being to small (for 7 in baseboards). Power and cutting ability are great. Quality is superior too.
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  1. 4 months ago
    Pretty cool saw
    Very happy with purchase, was able to complete my project about 75% faster with this saw as compared to using my old cut-off saw. A little unhappy with some of the materials used for some of the parts (Plastic), when cutting metal you should have an air-hose handy to blow off the metal cuttings or they will melt the plastic and stick to it, i even notice that the angle guide was being distorted by the metal cuttings sticking to the plastic coating and melting it. All-in-all happy with the performance.
  2. 2 years ago
    Richard Maunder
    I use one of these saws in the U.K. they are the best for cutting wood if it is dirty or with nails in I looked to buy one in Arizona and could not find one in the U.S.A. until now. In the U.K. I cut about 5 to 8 ton of firewood with mine each winter I use some old wood like pallets and it's just right for these because of the nails. Worth every $$$$$$$$$ and £££££££££. Thank you.
  3. 10 months ago
    Best Cutting Saw I've Ever Worked On!!!
    This is definitely the future of Saw's. Some or most people might underestimate it because of the brand name, "Evolution Power Tools", but don't let that scare you away! First off, let me tell you how I came across this machine. Well, I was looking for a saw that cuts wood, aluminum and steel. From doing research, the only saw that seemed to work was this one. After seeing reviews, which there aren't many out there, I was able to convince myself to spend the cash and go for it. I figured, worst ... read more case scenario is that I go back to the store and return the item and get my money back. Well, when I put this machine to the test, it cut 2" x 4" wood blocking with no effort at all. Not only that, the red laser is EXACT and cuts precisely on your line which I found amazing. I'm pretty sure that other machines out there do the same thing, but the laser really helped because it gave me a guide as to where the blade was going to be cutting. After cutting a few 2" x 4" blocking, I went and cut a piece of 1-3/4" x 4" aluminum tube. I cannot even explain how accurate the cut was. It was right on the mark! I honestly could not believe it! To tell you the truth, I could go on for days on how much of a great machine this is. Not only that, I can tell you that it was definitely worth every penny. Hope this convinces more people to purchasing this product and getting the Evolution product lines out there on the market at your local Home Depot stores. I promise that you won't be dissapointed.
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  1. 4 years ago
    For the most part, this saw is easy to use.
    Trying to follow the directions in the book to true-up the tool was the only difficulty I had. Parts of the directions were quite ambiguous. If I adjusted the blade, the top to the right, I couldn't adjust it back if I went to far. Still can't. I got it back and don't know how it happened, but it was staright so I tightened every thing and left it. Better directions would be a blessing.
  2. 4 years ago
    Excellent features, very user friendly
    Purchased online, saw was flawless upon arrival. Checked to ensure that saw was square to fences, and bevel was accurate, both were on the money from the factory. Excellent saw and the price (on sale) added even more value to the purchase.
  3. 4 years ago
    This is a well-made saw.
    I haven't yet used all of its features, such as for compound mitres, but I have been using it in most other applications. It came set perfectly out of the box. The motor is strong. The safety features are excellent. I would have liked to see a triple chip blade rather than a simple alternately ground blade. Otherwise, I am confident this saw will serve well for many years to come.
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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Great saw
    I recently just upgraded from my old miter box and have loved my upgrade so far
  2. 1 month ago
    Outstanding Piece of Machinery
    Everything was/is perfect right out of the box. One of the best and most important tools for the professional contractor or the homeowner DIY-er. Outstanding value. One of my most used tools and does it perfectly.
  3. 2 months ago
    love my miter
    was unable to use my military discount, very disappointing!! how ever I love my saw, have wanted one for a long time.
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  1. 2 months ago
    Solid Saw
    Saw was delivered quickly with no damage. The miter and bevel were spot-on accurate right out of the box. The digital miter reading seems like a nice touch. The slide and carriage assembly is smooth with no noticeable flex.
  2. 3 years ago
    This saw is a MONSTER!
    This saw is Awesome. From the digital read out to the power of the motor. It is large and heavy but sets on a very stable base. The saw was squared to the table right out of the box with the blade already on. This really was a "plug'n'go" saw. The hand grip is very comfortable and user friendly with a switch easily accessible for the LED lights. I did use the saw at night, using only the LED's to light my cut line. I was impressed. The miter has built in stops that are actually true and lock in ... read more with ZERO slop. The true power test for me was a cut across grain in a piece of 3" thick 6" wide white oak. It was like I was cutting a 1x4 piece of PINE! There was no power loss at all. It was a quick smooth cut. I've used most of the brands out there, and this is definitely the BEST. The draw backs are: not a wide table, but due to the weight of the saw, anymore weight would not make this a portable saw. No hold downs and I wish the digital readout was on a switch, It is on the whenever the saw is plugged in.
  3. 3 years ago
    Excellent machine
    I ordered this saw because it had the best reviews and I could tell it is well engineered. I had a makita 10" mitersaw ls1016 and was not at all pleased with it overall. As soon as I un-boxed this new saw it was obvious to me the quality. Upon use I found that this saw is not only good but is in fact great. It is everything you want from a mitersaw. easy adjustments, no deflection on cuts, powerful and large capacity overall. This thing is a beast. The digital readout is not gimmicky whatsoever. ... read more It is very helpful and thank god for no laser. No real finish carpenters or contractors rely on lasers! you guys all know what I am talking about, Now dual lights...that is actually helpful. The dust collection is brilliant. There are only a couple cons to this saw...the weight and no clamp. Those are both dismissable however. The weight is there because the saw is made well and the saw is outfitted with rubber where you grab hold of it and a back hadle for easy carrying. The clamp is rarely used and Milwaukee is aware of that. You can find a clamp that will fit though. For the price this is the best saw. The only real competitor is the Kapex which is drastically more expensive. I rather have the milwaukee.
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