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Miter Saws

Used for molding, trimwork, framing & remodeling projects

Table Saws

Used for carpentry, woodworking & cabinetry projects

Circular Saws

Used for general construction, decking & framing projects

Reciprocating Saws

Used for demolition, construction, remodeling & pipe cutting projects

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$129.00 / each
Ryobi 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw

Model # RTS10G

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Was  $299.00
$249.00 / each
Save $50.00 (17%)
Ryobi 15 Amp 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser

Model # TSS120L

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$249.00 / each
RIDGID 15 Amp 10 in. Compact Table Saw

Model # R4516

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Was  $99.00
$89.00 / each
Save $10.00 (10%)
DEWALT 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Model # DWE305

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$99.00 / each
Makita 15 Amp 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw

Model # 5007F

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$119.99 / each
Makita 15 Amp Corded 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw

Model # 5007NK

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$219.00 / each
DEWALT 15 Amp 10 in. Compound Miter Saw

Model # DW713

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Was  $149.00
$139.00 / each
Save $10.00 (7%)
Makita 15 Amp 7-1/4 in. Magnesium Circular Saw

Model # 5007MG

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Was  $199.00
$179.00 / each
Save $20.00 (10%)
RIDGID 15 Amp 10 in. Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser

Model # R4112

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Average rating for Saws
(4.4 / 5)
2,194 Reviews
  1. 5 months ago
    Excellent saw
    I first purchased the Skil 3821, essentially the "sister" model to this saw. It had a great no-load speed but easily got bogged out when cutting even soft pine with a sharp blade and couldn't make any kind of accurate cut. No way to adjust! So after "three strikes you're out" with the Skil, I shopped around a long, long time trying to decide what I wanted. After a bunch of comparisons, I settled on this saw. Very adjustable in every possibly way contrary to the Skil. This Bosch = Professional / ... read more that Skil = Low-end homeowner use!! This saw is a no-gimmick, quality saw. I am using it along with two of the current Dewalt double bevel "chop" saws. I didn't buy a slide saw because even though they are great they are also heavy, heavy machines. The are also big and hard to fit through doors. The machining on this saw is top notch and far superior to the Skil. The portability is great too. It did take a few minor adjustments to get it lined up perfectly but the manual provides instructions on how to calibrate it. It wasn't bad out of the box but the 45 bevel was slightly off. Just unlock a lock nut and turn a screw. The fence and the 90 degree cut angle was spot on. I did read one complaint on the net about the detents being off. That part is adjustable to and you need to lock the Allen screws for the detent adjustments down after it hits the stop setting. My only complaint is that the safety switch is clunky and you have to use your thumb to slide it over and then press the trigger; now some of the older guys have arthritis in their hands, and they say it's actually painful to do that! Overall I am very happy. It really is a good buy. Read the manual and pick it up in the indicated locations and you'll be good to go. It slices 4x4's like butter (Bosch claims that this saw's predecessor, the 3912, has 3.3 horsepower max, or 2460 watts, and I think this saw has the same amount of power). I have upgraded the blade to a Tenryu 24-tooth blade which doesn't bog this down nearly as much as the stock blade. It does leave rougher cuts, however, with a lot of tear-out, but that's OK, because this saw gets used exclusively for framing.
  2. 2 years ago
    Excellent, CM12 has worked right out of the box. Very happy with performance.
  3. 1 year ago
    Excellent "Just the features you really need" miter saw
    Saw was accurate out of the box. It has a low profile with conveniently located handles that make it easy to carry and transport. It lives up to the expectations one has from a Bosch tool. It has plenty of power and makes very accurate cuts. My only complaint was the blade that came with the saw. The blade was mediocre at best. Many might blame the saw for the quality of the blade, but if you put a good blade on the saw you will be a happy camper.
  1. 5 months ago
    great saw
    Purchased this tool recently. All i can say great product , light weight, easy to operate . Worth every penny .
  2. 9 months ago
    Great saw, portable sizing.
    No adjustments needed out of the box. Decent, not great blade which I replaced with Freud/Diablo. Light enough for easy moving by this 62 year old guy. No laser but I put an Oshlund (? :-P) which works well except in direct sunlight. Single bevel with easy lock an score release though I wish it were a dual bevel. Soft start and blade brake are great, make long hours easier and faster. Didn't think it would matter but when I went back to my 12" Dewalt (too lazy to change blades for small job) the ... read more difference was very obvious. Occasionally I need dual levels and slightly more thickness so the next large job may have me in the 10" which will also match my table saw at 10" so blades will be interchangeable. Much easier and comfortable to use and move than a big saw. It is now my go to saw. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, before I'd get a 10" or 12".
  3. 3 months ago
    Great Saw
    I remodel kitchens and do trim work this thing is light weight and cuts true. Was sick of carrying my 12" around this things worth it, some reviewers say they've had problems with it being out of alignment, guess I'm lucky I love this thing
  1. 4 years ago
    Everything I thought it would be and more!
    GREAT product! Shipped to my home fairly quickly. Ready to go right out of the box! Within the first two week of owning the saw, I made about 150 cuts. Blade and saw work VERY well. One complaint would be the size of the dust collector bag. It filled up fairly quickly. However, I was able to rig up my shop vac to attach to the dust collecting system and that has been working well.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great purchase
    I replaced a 10 inch miter saw with the 12 inch because I wanted to cut larger stock and this saw does do that. It has performed well with my DIY projects and has cut my time in half. Due to the difference in size I am finding it heavier to operate but not impossible. Miter cuts and bevel cuts are really easy and the adjustments are very smooth and accurate. My honey due list is a lot more fun since the purchase of this product.
  3. 10 years ago
    Beast, Close to Perfect
    As Mentioned this saw is a beast right out of the box. Accurate, durable, portible (with handle), strong. Adjustments are not difficult and very minor. Only cons with this saw are the motor house location and fence backing. The motor house should be on top like the dual compound models to make sight easier and the back of the fence should be perpendicular to the base instead of slightly cuvred for proper clamping of stops. Also if you are a fine woodworker you will need to purchase a 60 to ... read more 80 tooth blade for perfect mirror smooth cuts (40 tooth carbide blade included is perfect for contractor projects). Side note...Make sure to make a copy of the receipt when mailing in a rebate form. Its been over a month and I've seen no rebate. HATE REBATES!!! Just give us the money off upon purchase! GREAT SAW
  1. 1 year ago
    best purchase ever!
    this saw is fantastic! it is light weight yet heavy duty on the performance. it power allows it to cut with ease. the laser guide is great to have. 30 minutes battery recharge is such a plus this saw is a must have
  2. 1 month ago
    Good portabe Miter saw
    Good for what it is called, a miter saw. Great for molding and small lumber, well made and light weight. This is not a cut off saw and would have trouble with a 2x4. If they made a 40 volt version it would be a lot better.
  3. 12 months ago
    better than I thought
    It work much better than one would think. It cut slower than but will cut a 2x6. It is great for trim work.
  1. 2 years ago
    Quality Saw
    This is a very high quality saw. Using it to replace tongue and groove porches on ancient houses. Very solid contraction, nothing wobbly, just what you expect. Cant beat the price for what you get. The dust retention is not the best, but who has found a saw that has that? Very smooth operation. The blade they come with is just standard and will get you by until you replace it with a diablo. This model seems to have the bigest bang for the buck right now. Its good to know you dont have to spend ... read more seven hundred to get a top notch saw.As always if you have any questions just ask me.
  2. 3 years ago
    Awsome saw,could use a cord wrap.
    Love the detents on the bevel cuts,new optional light feature best idea ever!!!!!
  3. 3 years ago
    Top of the Line
    This tool is the best of the best. It is so easy to use. My wife got me the led accessory so I can easily line up the blade with my mark every time. The blade it came with isn't that bad, I've been using it for general cutting, but if I was building furniture, I'd be sure to get a higher toothed blade. As for the saw itself, it has performed beautifully. The 0 degree bevel wasn't plumb out of the box, but a good saw manufacturer realizes that these don't stay plumb forever and has instructions ... read more to correctly re-align it. I look forward to many years of use out of this tool.
  1. 2 years ago
    great saw and awesome price
    i just received this saw as an early Christmas present. it has great features, mine works perfect and is squared right out of the box. laser is supposed to be just off to the left of your line, even says so in the manual. and there is no safety button to depress first like someone else stated. maybe they have updated it. either way great saw.
  2. 5 years ago
    Great Saw
    I have owned this for about a year now. It gets used almost daily and I have no complaints with this. It has power to spare and cuts accuratley. Some minor tune up work along the way but all tools go through that. It is portable enought to grab and go with out killing yourself. I changed the blade right out of the box as I only use premium blades in all my saws. This is a great saw at a great price. And the warranty is unsurpassable.
  3. 4 years ago
    Contrary to those who say they can't get it square...
    Before purchasing this I read a lot fo the reviews. If you could not get the blade square keep in mind 2 things - First if you could not get it square, and it was wildly out of square from the factory - try this - if you mount the laser level the included arbor bolt is not a spare - you must use the new recessed one or it will not fit properly. Also keep in mind you have to square it in two directions - to the fence and to base/table. Mine was barely off from the table, and was easily ... read more adjusted. It was dead square from the fence, so I did not fool with that one. I added the dewalt precision trim blade (reasonably priced upgrage, thin kerf, 60 tooth), and this thing sounds, and cuts smooth and clean with little vibration - a very nice saw in my opinion.
  1. 2 months ago
    great saw
    Lightweight but sturdy. Easy to move around job site. No blade deflextion and accurate right out of box. Easy access to controls. Replaces makita 7 1/2 miter saw they don't make anymore that lasted only 3 years and they can't fix. Will see how this holds up
  2. 6 days ago
    Great saw
    Bought this to replace an inherited Hitachi C8FB. The detente override is great when working with imperfect miter and butt joints. The depth control has a simple no-tool adjustment and can easily be flipped on and off. The bevel control is a lever that can be reached from the front of the saw, which makes it very easy and fast to set. Can be carried 1 handed with the top handle. The blade that comes with the saw should be replaced, it's not very good for finish work.
  3. 7 months ago
    Sturdy, accurate , and some thinknig went into the design!
    I wanted this saw to cut 12 inch wide boards and it has performed well. Even able to cut a 6x6 post (by turning). Accurate and well-placed and easy to read gages. Overall quality is good - its shy of excellent because of the plastic exhaust duct which is made of two halves which split when I put my vacuum hose in - have to keep it tight now with a clamp - will probably ask for a new exhaust piece. Its light-weight enough to carry around though a bit of an awkward shape. Blade that came with it ... read more is good quality and sharp. Cutting a tight angle from the vertical plane cut into the plastic kerf either side of the blade which is disappointing that Bosch engineers didn't design for that not to happen.
  1. 1 month ago
    Excellent tool that really does the job
    This saw is easy to use, durable and reliable. The only draw back is that I did not realize it did not have the led guide light and when I tried to add it I discovered that this is one of the only models that it cannot be added to. Had I realized that, I would have gone for the same model with the led guide light, it is very useful. Other than that, this is a top of the line tool that does the job.
  2. 4 weeks ago
    Definitely a win
    Saw does seem to be the same as the 780 minus the laser - but who can trust those lasers anyway. For $200 cheaper your can't beat it. It you really want the best saw and can afford this one, it can't be beat.
  3. 1 month ago
    Great Saw
    Needed saw was going to last through various projects around the house this saw has fit the bill was already squared and ready to work out of the box
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