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Average rating for Tool Chests
(4.3 / 5)
1,788 Reviews
  1. 2 years ago
    Great but....
    The box came with several dents due to bad shipping. Other then that, good tool box
  2. 2 years ago
    Good box for a good price
    I ordered this box and had it within a week. The associates at the tullytown, pa store were more than happy to help me load it onto my truck in the frigid weather we have had as of late. Set up was pretty straight forward. The casters were already installed, so all I had to do was install the handle. I like that the keys are built to move to the side instead of break off in the lock should you bump into them. Like others have said time will tell regarding the dependability but I can tell you if ... read more you want any box to last you have to take care of it. I will most definitely purchase the top box based on the speed of delivery and service alone.
  3. 3 years ago
    Decent box with lots of space
    I bought this box to store the tools I work with everyday in my work area. It is a decent box comes with the wheels on it all you need to do is mount the handle. I bought it because of the number of drawers it had and was rated for 100 lbs per drawer. The deep drawer on the bottom really needs a upper and lower slide also the wide drawer at the very top could be of heavier gauge steel - I have a 3/4 drive ratchet a 24" crescent wrench and 3 or 4 large combination wrenches in it - I'm not sure of ... read more the total weight in this drawer but I'm fairly confident it's under the 100 lbs however I have to be sure to open and close it with two hands because it wants to shimmy back in forth in the track as you open or close it - I've had this box about 3 weeks so time will tell on durability. Overall; at this price point it's hard to beat a box like this looks nice came with drawer liners I'm happy with it
  1. 3 years ago
    Great value
    I got a lot more bang for my buck on this cabinet then the C brand. Excellent finish, very smooth sliding drawers and drawer liners and top mat included at no additional charge. Took about 10 minutes to attach the wheels and handle.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great quality!
    I wanted to buy a cabinet that I could use as a rolling workbench with storage for tools and supplies. I also wanted it to last for many years. After looking at many rolling cabinets, I decided this Excel from Home Depot gave me the best combination of quality, strength, storage and good looks for a reasonable amount of money.
  3. 3 years ago
    Nice Box
    For the money, this is a nice tool box. Drawers slide open and closed very smoothly. An absolute better value than the competing brands.
  1. 7 months ago
    Excellent value
    I previously had purchased the 52" 18 drawer unit and decided to go a different way with my shop, resulting in my buying one of these. Pros: Same great quality and excellent price as the more expensive combo box. The top appears very nice, though only time will tell how it holds up. Cons: Does not come with drawer liners (the combo box does) Equal width drawers rather than the typical 60/40 split (might not bother you) Overall great buy given the difference in cost and function compared to the ... read more combo box. For the money you could get two of these and have probably 50% more storage than the big box, too. (as long as you buy your own drawer liners)
  2. 3 months ago
    Surprise Arrival
    Since I ordered the product online, I wasn't sure what I would get. I expected a hundred pieces with hard to insert hardware. To my surprise, the bench arrived 95% assembled. All I had to do is install the wheels and the handle. I am also happy with the amount of space that is provided. Getting the model with different drawer depths was a good choice. The drawers work smoothly when loaded, maybe a little too smoothly. My garage floor is slanted towards the drain, so some of the drawers open on ... read more their own. I have to lock the unit to keep that from happening. For the price, this one's a winner.
  3. 1 month ago
    Great Tool Chest for the money.
    The chest came 95% assembled, only needed to install the caster wheels and the handle, both were simple. You just need to unpack slow and use the packing material to lay the chest onto, first on it's back, then upside down to make installing the wheels easy. The only comment I would have is it would be nice if the handle was able to attach to either end, to make moving the chest easier? The draws open and close freely, even when full of tools and the chest rolls well on a flat surface.
  1. 4 months ago
    Good Construction. High Quality
    The Husky heavy duty 10 drawer cabinet, is a very good organizational tool chest. It is as advertised, very heavy duty. Its load capacity is 2,400 pounds. The 6 wheels are heavy duty casters, but I needed to tap the holes to attach the wheels before I could screw the casters into the bottom of the cabinet. The wheels are rugged and allow for easy moving of the tool box, and come with brakes so that it is stable when they are locked. The ball-bearing slides make for smooth opening and closing of ... read more draws. The draws hold more tools than i own, but allow for great organization. I would recommend this tool chest for its durability, size, and its quality of workmanship.
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  2. 3 days ago
    Good box. Not made in China
    This box is made in Canada. Which is nice in a sea of China. Anyway, this box is a very nice box for the price. The drawers are stiff when empty, but when you load them up they slide nicely. Has lots of room, especially the main top drawer which is 54" wide. The drawers stop at 1" from full extension which isnt a big deal. The self-tapping screws arent a big hit for me though. They are a coarse thread screw, with a notch(?) to thread into is the best way to describe it. They dont start easily, ... read more but if you use a magnetized phillips screwdriver to start them, it works way better. Did not have to tap the holes though. The empty holes on the opposing side of the box from the push bar are gaudy though. Id just rather they choose one side or the other for the push bar. Overall a decent box for the money. Holds all my tools with lots of room to grow. No Snappy or Matco. but hey you dont make money with your toolbox. Ill post some pics soon with it loaded. Profession: Heavy diesel truck mechanic.
  3. 3 months ago
    Tool Chest Bargain
    I am a ground equipment tech for a major airline. My collection of chest, mid box, topbox, and side cabinets had just become too much in too many spaces. I wanted one large box to hold my tools without them being piled on top of each other. The big boxes from the tool trucks are nice but 5-10k for one is way too much at this point in my career. This box meets my space needs without spending a small fortune. Pros: Plenty of space. Nice smooth drawer slides. Sufficient build quality and ... read more sturdiness for pro use. Love the full width top drawer and deep side drawer. Nice pre-cut drawer liners and top pad. Cons: Three of the drawer slides were not hooked into place inside the box. One of the lock bars had separated from the actuator pin. Supplied self tapping screws for the wheels would not start into their mount holes. The option to mount the handle on either end leaves six holes open on the opposite end of the box. ( I contacted Husky customer service to purchase a second handle only to find out that the manufacturer will only supply replacement parts as a warranty claim.) The drawer slides and lock bar were a 5 minute fix but they really should have been assembled correctly at the factory, and I bolted all the wheels in place rather than using the self tapping screws. Other than those minor complaints I love the box and have had many fellow techs say how nice it is especially for the price.
  1. 1 year ago
    All black Husky
    I bought this from the store after I cross-shopped Lowes and Sears.It was the best $$ would buy at the black fri 2014 price (thanks Westerly HD!!!!!!) Opened box at store=no damage, no parts missing. Assembly was ok, drawers a bit stiff but sturdy enough, lined them up w/ yoga mats=great choice, gave it a coat of wax and loaded it up w/ tools. I'm happy w/ my choice (I also bought the top chest) Again the people at WESTERLY HOME DEPOT were very accommodating and helpful, and made my purchase a ... read more pleasant experience (the second time for me!!) ** only negative thing is the paper labels on it did not come out clean
  2. 2 years ago
    Gimme those extra deep drawers
    I bought this cabinet to use with the matching upper chest that I found surprisingly sturdy. I think the lower rolling cabinet is equally sturdy and a great fit with the upper chest to hold a wide variety of tools. The extra deep bottom drawers will fit large circular saws (tried it) and other big power tools so all my tools can be locked together at home. I had trouble with the first cabinet I got having a "small" dent in a bottom corner and it made installation of one caster very difficult. I ... read more wanted to make it work but just decided to exchange and try my hand at another cabinet. Home depot was very helpful with this after I packaged up the item and hauled it back. We found another cabinet and checked it out in the store. After going through a second one to find it dented the same way and with a drawer dent we checked out another at it seemed flawless to me. I was excited to get it home and assemble it. This cabinet worked out and I am happy with my setup. I don't understand the reviews about drawers not locking on some of the cabinets. There are detents in the sliders to keep the drawers shut and if all of the drawers are fully pushed in the lock works fine for me on the upper and lower units.
  3. 1 year ago
    I don't write many reviews like others have said. I will keep this short. Iam a mechanic. There are many tool boxes where I work. I didn't expect more than a solid middle of the road box. I ordered both top and bottom. I was skeptical of the shape they would be in due to other reviewers talking of dents and such from shipping. I picked mine up from the store and it was in great new condition. After getting it to work, I unboxed it and threw the handle on. I flipped it over and threw on the ... read more casters. I was done inside 10 minutes. I stood back and looked in amazement. This is a really nice looking and well made toolbox. I familiarized myself with it over the course of the evening off and on. I can't believe I got this deal for under $300 with tax included. I would put this box next to any box, anywhere, and it will hold its own. Also, it is bigger than most other box sets. Casters are second to none.
  1. 1 month ago
    Great Purchase
    Product was delivered in a timely manner and is perfect for what I needed.
  2. 1 year ago
    Great Tool Cabinet and Beautiful too!
    This tool box is perfect. Each drawer is spacious and the colbalt blue is perfect. We don't have a garage, so being able to get a tool cabinet in blue allows us to have it on our back porch and it looks great. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality tool cabinet at a great price!
  3. 1 year ago
    Nice tool storage.
    Stanley makes a nice tool cabinet. This cabubet is not only handy but very stylish and colorful. I really like the bright colors. The 5 drawers have lots of storage room. The cabinet does not come with tool mat liners. I did receive the tool box with a small dent on the bottom. I do not know if the dent happened in shipping or was shipped that way. The handle on the side is great for moving it around. It comes with 4 wheels, two are locking. All you have to do is put the wheels and handle on ... read more upon arrival. It has 1 small drawer, 1 medium drawer, 2 large drawers and 1 extra large drawer. Welded steel construction. 2 keys are supplied for locking and safety.
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  1. 4 days ago
    The mobilework bench is a must have!
    The mobile workbench was easy to put together just attach the wheels and handle. The draws open and close smoothly even when they are filled with tools. The workbench moves around easily on its heavy duty casters. Another key feature is it doesn't take up a lot of room.
  2. 4 weeks ago
    Excellent Value Toolbox
    I use this bench as a reloading bench and for tool storage and it works great. The drawers are smooth, have a positive closing, and a solid feel with the weight of the tools. The wheels are nice and big and the bench handles the weight and pressure of the reloading presses. Being a value toolbox, it is still built cheap, just with a generally good design. The drawer lock doesn't function well and it only locks the top and larger drawers, it does not lock the right hand side smaller drawers. mine ... read more had a vary minor dent in the front by the key hole which is probably why the lock doesn't work the greatest. Overall, this bench is amazing for the average joe.
  3. 9 months ago
    Great value, but one problem
    Arrived quickly, put it together and I'm pleased with the quality. However... there was no key. I called the 800 number, gave them the lock number. They called back because they had transposed the number. We corrected the number and the promptly sent a key... which didn't fit. I still don't have a working key. Not that it matters I guess, but the paint on the bottom was a little scuffed up when it was unboxed, I guess from being slid around during the manufacturing process. Overall good value, ... read more but frustrating hassles with the key and having to make phone calls that didn't get the job done. I guess I'll do without a key unless someone from HD wants to read this and fix the issue.
  1. 4 weeks ago
    Great Value
    This was a birthday present to my girlfriend who has a fairly serious craft/hobby shop. It is perfect for the high use hand tools that were stored here and there in cabinets and drawers. Now they are much more readily accessible in a roll cab that can be moved to the project area. She loves it; I love the fact that the common tools are in one place. Instead of purchasing the top box, I built a nice looking and sturdy work surface using several 2 x 6s and a scrap plywood spacer. It works ... read more great to give you a place to set tools while in the middle of a project - without setting them on the project bench itself. If you have a need for a roll cab, then assembly of this will be a snap. Nice feel on the drawer slides, especially when loaded with tools.
  2. 7 months ago
    Great Lower Cabinet And The Upper Is A Perfect Match
    I purchased this lower roller cabinet and 4 days later went back and bought upper, I have worked in Dealerships as a mechanic for over 30 years as a mechanic so I bought Snap ON Match etc. I sold my big Snap On roller too big heavy and too much for a small garage, I have seen a lot of took boxes in my career and inexpensive ones also, this is a heaver that normal inexpensive cabinet, with good slides and drawer detent co they stay closed, the finish is very nice and layout is great, I love this ... read more cabinet for home or light industrial use.
  3. 2 months ago
    Perfect size and quality
    Being a woman who loves tools, I received this Husky tool cabinet as a gift. It came in a box that was easily removed and very well packed. The color was perfect, a nice dark silver which shows off the chrome nicely. Putting the wheels on was easy just remember to attach the spinning wheels on the same side the handle is, I made that mistake and had to do it all over again. This tool chest has plenty of drawers for all your tool needs with a large drawer on the bottom. The drawers open nicely ... read more and closes easily on the bearings. The quality is exceptional for the price. A great buy for me.
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