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$39.97 / each
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53.74 in. H x 35.71 in. W x 13.98 in. D 4-Tier Wire Shelf in Chrome

Model # EH-WSTHDUS-004

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$1,746.70 / each
Knaack 60 in. x 30 in x 60 in. Cabinet

Model # 139

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$249.00 / each
Klein Tools Steel Storage Chest

Model # 54605

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$198.00 / each
Husky 27 in. 8-Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet Set

Model # H4CH1R H4TR1R

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Average rating for Tool Chests
(4.3 / 5)
1,847 Reviews
  1. 2 months ago
    Great for the garage tinkerer
    This was easy to assemble out of the box. Just put on the casters, and side bar, and roll into place. This tool box is sturdy, and the draws give you enough space for hand tools. The cabinet at the bottom gives good space for some power tools or boxes. My only complaint is that the solid wood top I got with my box was cracked almost all the way through when I got it, and it does not fasten directly to the top, its loose. Overall, I would recommend if you don't have too many large tools, and need ... read more some extra storage.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Great Mobile Workbench
    The cabinet is very easy to assemble and great quality especially for the price. The bolts that secure the wheels protrude into the bottom cabinet area but I installed a 3/4" plywood base which covers the bolts and provides a flat storage surface. The only negative is that it doesn't come with drawer liners and the Husky liner that Home Depot sells is about 4.5" wider than the drawer which requires that you cut for both length and width which doesn't always result in a straight cut. Overall ... read more though I am very pleased with the purchase.
  3. 2 months ago
    Didn't know I needed it until I bought it.
    I'm in the process of making my garage better suited for my needs and better organization so when I saw this workbench in the spring black Friday ad(who knew there was such a thing) I was there at 8am and brought it home. I paid $149.00 and it was worth it. Has 3 slide&glide drawers and a large capacity 2 door storage below. It has a decent weight to it and doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. It also has wheels so I can roll it around when necessary and is a great addition to my garage makeover(on a ... read more budget). If you shop wisely and wait for sales you can secure some great items at a great price.
  1. 1 year ago
    Best Consumer Cabinet
    I really like my 27 in. 5-Drawer Wide Tool Cabinet in Dark Green by Stanley. I have a ton of different tools collected over the years from dozens of different DIY projects, and this cabinet will definitely help organize many of them. In addition, I have 1,000's of screws, nails, and other pieces of hardware that need to find a home. The top drawers of this cabinet will fit that purpose wonderfully when sectioned off. The steel seems to be a decent gauge and rolled over for added strength. The ... read more drawers are on ball bearing glides, and the cast iron rollers seem to be fairly heavy duty for a consumer grade cabinet. I suspect that it will last for many, many years. I think that the price for all of this seems to be fair too. I'm not sure I would pay more for it, but at the price Home Depot is offering for, I think that it is a great buy.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Home Depot Exceptional Service
    The lower cabinet was shipped to a store -- from Georgia to California via UPS. Upon opening it up, there were 3 or 4 dings when it had evidently been mishandled -- even though packaged seemingly very well. But it is heavy at 125 pounds -- so it was likely dropped somewhere during 4 UPS transfers. I asked for it to be shipped to a store an hour from my house, since I did not want to pay the $55 additional shipping to my house. After putting it upstairs, filling with tools, and installing the ... read more wheels and handle -- just figured I would live with the minor damage. Ended up emailing HD anyway -- just to express my disappointment -- and not wanting to send it back or go through the hassle of loading it and not having the use of it for another 2 weeks. HD responded within 30 minutes -- understood my reluctance to ship it back -- and ended up offering a matching top box at no extra charges, including shipping to my door within 7 days. I had offered to pay for part of the additional box -- but they would not let me do that. They paid for everything -- it arrived in perfect condition. This is not the box for a professional full time mechanic with heavy tools, using it 8 hours a day. But for a homeowner to organize the clutter of tools -- it is a quality product at a bargain price, with bearings -- and will last as long as I would ever need it. We always hear stories of non-responsiveness of large companies -- or poor service. However, Home Depot has changed my mind -- and made me a HD customer for life. Tremendous service.
  3. 1 year ago
    Great Tool Cabinet, excellent casters
    Compared to similar tool cabinets at other outlets, this was an excellent value and free delivery to my local Home Depot. I have a small hatchback car but the toolbox fit just fine with my backseats folded down. It is heavy, almost two-hundred pounds, and the Home Depot customer service gladly sent out an associate to help me load it into the car. The assembly was very simple and all hardware was included; the drawers were pre-installed and secured. Four casters and the side handle were the ... read more only things needed to install with just fastening bolts to pre-tapped holes. The drawers and the locking mechanism are very, very durable and it is clear to sight and touch that the drawer-slides are smooth and secure. There are two keys included. On a personal level, I had been hesitant to purchase one of these tool cabinets, fearing that the casters, drawers or the lock would be shoddy. I was afraid that I would be stuck assembling dozens and dozens of small parts and spend hours getting sliding drawers to line up. I was most afraid that I would fill the drawers with my tools and one or more of the drawers would jam and/or fall off track. If you have similar fears or hesitations, put them to rest and get yourself one of these Stanley Tool cabinets. It looks great, it works great and it even Feels like it has always been valuable part of my shop.
  1. 1 year ago
    Tool boxes don't make you money
    Over the years have I owned Snap-On and Matco tool boxes. I hated my Snap-On and sold my Matco to a friend. I didn't feel like making large payments on something that doesn't make me money. But now I needed a larger box and came across these. For the price I couldn't pass up this deal. Pros: Cost is huge. It's almost impossible to find this size box for under $2000. Depth is also great. Most commercial sold boxes are only 18" deep. Overall size. It has lots of room for all sorts of ... read more tools. Cons: The sheet metal that forms the drawers are a little thin, but as long as your not throwing tools at the sides no big deal. Height. I'm only 5'10" but it seems as though I am leaning over while working on the top. Wheels. Made of plastic and not high quality. Plus they are held on with self tapping screws. Buy some 5/16" nut and bolts and do it right. Over all I am very happy with this box and I believe it will last a long time. I am an auto body tech and I us this box everyday. Lastly the detentes on the drawer slides. They are very strong and annoying. Before filling the box remove a couple drawers and flip the detentes on the back of the slides. Their white and look like claws. Just push them back so their out of the way. You can still lock the drawers and use as normal.
  2. 2 years ago
    toolbox for weekend mechanic at home garage.
    Box is good construction seemed a little hard to slide empty drawers but once loaded up with tools drawers move in and out very easily. Was iffy about using the self tapping screws for the casters so used 5/16" nuts and bolts. Very pleased with purchase looks like a box that will last decades with the powdercoat.
  3. 1 year ago
    I bought a cheap toolbox a few years ago and regretted it - this box is great and from Home Depot didn't cost that much more. Highly recommended!
  1. 2 years ago
    im a technician this box would go for 4k !
    Box is great wish the rubber mat was thinker more durable, but love to hear the tool guys whine everytime they come in talk how nice the box is
  2. 10 months ago
    This is a nice cabinet for the price Its not heavy duty, the whole cabinet feels and performs as a light duty version as compared to other suppliers with heavy duty casters. It will meet my immediate need, however in retrospect I wish I had spend another $500 and bought a more durable cabinet like a Torin If you want secure storage, and are not hard on your tool boxes, this may be the right cabinet for you. As a Mechanic who is in and out of the box many times a day, I expect I will be buying ... read more another one within five years, but who knows, it may surprise me long term
  3. 2 years ago
    I am an aircraft mechanic, and was outgrowing my previous tool box. In my line of work, your toolbox is your mobile workstation. This toolbox gave me everything I needed and more. I now have plenty of room to grow in regards to fitting more tools (4 empty drawers to be exact. 1 large, and 3 small), and have an insane amount of workspace on top. The main selling point for me was the side cabinet, which enables me to organize some of the chemicals I commonly use, as well as other large bulky items ... read more that doesn't need to be in a drawer. The shelf is also adjustable, which made things extra helpful. I did literally months of research of various toolboxes before researching my decision. This box has met both my physical and financial needs. I have been using this box for about a month now, so you know that it has had some use before I submitted my review.
  1. 3 years ago
    this was a well built tool box
    I had a few tool boxes this by far was the best priced box and one that was thought out like needing to take out draws no special tool needed. Casters were super duty easy to move.
  2. 3 years ago
    Solid value with higher-end features
    I own several high-end toolboxes, and for the price of the 36-inch Excel cart, I was pleasantly surprised with the construction, storage capacity, and look. The casters are heavy duty and come complete with greasable Zerk fittings (a nice touch for longevity). Each drawer comes with a non-skid liner and the top of the cabinet also comes with a non-skid pad. Drawers slide smoothly, but even the larger ones do not have double slides. The handle is a little flimsy (plastic) but overall I am pleased ... read more with this purchase and the Home Depot price could not be beat. Great value for a good box.
  3. 3 years ago
    Meets my needs perfectly
    As others have said, it would be nice to have 4 swivelling castors but I'm not really moving it around. Construction is a little flimsy - I'm sure if you pay more these things get a lot more solid - but the price is great and it can take a lot of tools. The mats they provide seemed to "outgas" for a long time after I'd received it. And I want to give a shoutout to Leon in the North Hollywood store for wheeling this thing out on a pallet jack, opening it out of the box in the parking lot, and ... read more then we were able to fit it into the back of a Prius with a 1/2" gap either side. OP in Studio City,CA
  1. 6 days ago
    good product
    Got this to organize my tools and am very happy with it. Not the sturdiest but good enough for an occasional project. The metal is a little thin throughout. The ball bearing drawer slides and heavy duty wheels are legit. If you tend to be rough with your tools or have several heavy power tools, I recommend you spend whatever it costs to get a professional grade box.
  2. 8 months ago
    Mobile work bench
    This tool work bench was exactly what we needed to organize the garage and keep all our tools in one place. For years we kept tools on shelves or closets they were disorganized making it hard to find what we needed to get the job done. When we bought this tool bench we thought it might be too big but after going through everything we found it to be just right. Now we can find what we need for every job. We like the work bench top, it is a plus when you are working a job.
  3. 5 months ago
    Storage galore
    Plenty of room for a lot of tools.This was a addition to my 52" husky top and bottom combo.I needed more deep drawer storage.It replaced my aging 24" craftsman combo.The quality is ok.For the price it is a good value.The people at HD were awesome.They helped me unpackage unit to inspect for damage,missing parts,etc...There was some pretty bad scratching on the bottom of unit.but I didn't see that till the unit was home and I was installing the castors.Not a deal breaker.I guess husky's quality ... read more control needs some work.I had to purchase 3 rolls of husky drawer liners and had just enough left over to make a mat for the wooden top.Waiting for pegboard to come back in stock.I am happy with my purchase and have all the tool storage I need and then some.
  1. 2 years ago
    I don't write many reviews like others have said. I will keep this short. Iam a mechanic. There are many tool boxes where I work. I didn't expect more than a solid middle of the road box. I ordered both top and bottom. I was skeptical of the shape they would be in due to other reviewers talking of dents and such from shipping. I picked mine up from the store and it was in great new condition. After getting it to work, I unboxed it and threw the handle on. I flipped it over and threw on the ... read more casters. I was done inside 10 minutes. I stood back and looked in amazement. This is a really nice looking and well made toolbox. I familiarized myself with it over the course of the evening off and on. I can't believe I got this deal for under $300 with tax included. I would put this box next to any box, anywhere, and it will hold its own. Also, it is bigger than most other box sets. Casters are second to none.
  2. 11 months ago
    Good deal
    This is the second Husky cabinet I purchased. I'm using these as moveable kitchen cabinets and storage. I purchased this one because the other one worked out well. Can't beat the price. My only complaint was that when I picked it up at the store it was a bit banged up. I had to fix the top so I could attach the optional wooden top. The other damage was on the back and since that's not visible I didn't bother returning.
  3. 12 months ago
    Great tool box for the money
    I bought 2 of these for my workshop to make it easy to move things around. They are sturdy, well built, and can hold quite a bit of stuff. The draws are smooth, in fact the more you have in them the smoother they operate. I had some left over 3/4 ply so I cut a couple of pieces for the tops to make additional little work tops. For the money these cannot be beat! The only negative is the 2 big red (paper backed) labels they stick on the drawers. They are next to impossible to remove; Goop Off, ... read more adhesive remover, eraser wheel, nothing works. Come on Husky, its 2015!
  1. 2 weeks ago
    Great tool box for the beginner
    Great too box! I needed a small tool box to keep my basics. This worked out perfectly. Assembly was easy.
  2. 1 year ago
    Great Tool Box
    I bought the 27" 4 drawer tool cabinet, along with a top tool box for my son for Christmas. This is by far the best tool box for the money you can find. This will not be used 24/7 in a Mechanic's shop, but for home use it is great. The ball bearing slides glide very smoothly. The casters are very heavy duty. The only bad reviews that any of the Home Depot Husky cabinets or top boxes received seem to be from damage in shipping. I picked up the cabinet in the store and inspected the carton before ... read more leaving the store. My son and I are very pleased with this tool cabinet. I will definitely buy More products from Husky.
  3. 1 month ago
    Picky do it your selfer
    Perfect for my needs. Bought 2 and stacked them. Had to modify them to ensure stability. Big drawers for my larger tools like saws and drills ect. Only negative thing is drawers aren't as easy to push in and out as I like. For the money I can't complain.
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