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BrassCraft Water Valves

Easy to install with simple connectors, BrassCraft one-piece, heavy duty stops are shaped from a single piece of brass, free of seams, joints or pits. BrassCraft offers the highest quality stops available, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

BassCraft Braided Connectors

Offering flexibility, corrosion resistance and easy installation, Speedi Plumb® braided connectors sell as quickly as they connect. Available in a variety of thread styles, Speedi Plumb connectors can accommodate any standard sink or toilet connection.

BrassCraft Gas Connectors & Fittings

Engineered with safety in mind, BrassCraft coated gas connectors are designed to protect the stainless steel connector from prolonged exposure to corrosive chemicals, UV rays and salt. With common brass fittings like compression, flare, pipe and hose barb, BrassCraft is the preferred choice of professionals.

BrassCraft Gas Install Kits

Designed to fit most new and older appliances, BrassCraft gas installation kits contain everything you need to make a quick and easy gas connection. With excess flow technology and advanced corrosion resistance these kits provide superior performance and safer gas connections.

BrassCraft Plumbing Hand Tools

Affordable, quality tools that help make plumbing projects easier. Designed for the DIYer and backed by a name you trust.

BrassCraft Drain Cleaning Tools

Clear those clogged or slow running sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and floor drains. BrassCraft offers a complete line of drain cleaning hand tools and machines.

BrassCraft PushConnect High-Performance Stops