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Window & Door Sealants

Seal, insulate and weatherproof your home with DAP® all-purpose sealants. Formulated to last, they provide outstanding durability and adhesion for a waterproof seal that won’t crack or shrink. DAP sealants are low in odor and can be painted with either latex or oil-based paints.

Kitchen & Bath Sealants

Specially formulated to hold up in kitchen and bathroom applications, DAP sealants offer outstanding adhesion and flexibility for a durable seal that won’t crack or shrink. Our waterproof sealants also provide excellent mold and mildew resistance once cured.

Specialty Sealants

Tackle projects like filling cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces easily with DAP high-performance sealants. These specialty sealants are great for repairing roof shingles, minor roof leaks and sealing around gutters and flashing.

Patching & Repair

Finish the job smoothly and easily. From household repairs to professional jobs, DAP’s high performance spackling, joint, stucco and concrete repair compounds deliver quality results every time. DAP DryDex® Spackling with Dry Time Indicator eliminates the guesswork. It goes on pink and dries white when ready to be sanded or painted.

DAP Pro Caulk Tool Kit

Create a perfect looking seal in minutes. DAP Pro Caulk™ Caulking Tools allow you to seal any edge, any corner, any joint like a pro. The kit contains four tools that offer a variety of sealing edge sizes and shapes.

Seal Your Home & Save Money

Learn how you can conserve energy and save money on your heating and cooling bills by sealing common air leaks in your home. Test your home to find more ways to improve its energy efficiency.


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