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DampRid Easy-Fill System

DampRid® moisture absorbers actually attract and trap excess moisture, eliminating musty odors.  In your closet, use DampRid Hanging Absorbers – they last up to 60 days and come scented or unscented.  Now, also available with Activated Charcoal to remove even more odors!


DampRid Easy-Fill System

DampRid® refillable moisture absorbers are ideal wherever excess moisture and musty odors are a persistent problem.  Use DampRid in bathroom, basements, laundry rooms, closets and kitchens.  DampRid refillable moisture absorbers come in a variety of sizes and containers.

DampRid Economical Moisture Absorber Options

DampRid® is all-natural, easy to use, and you can actually see it work as it absorbs and traps excess moisture.  Our disposable moisture absorbers come in a variety of sizes and are the ultimate in convenience – they keep working for months, and once filled, you simply toss them away.


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