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Fluidmaster Fill Valve

Install the #1 selling fill valve in the world with Fluidmaster's 400A Fill Valve. Considered the industry standard, this valve meets all North American plumbing code requirements and is adjustable, providing a fit for most 1- and 2-piece toilets.

Fluidmaster Leak Sentry Fill Valve

Save water two ways with the Leak Sentry Fill Valve.  It automatically detects leaks and controls bowl refill.

Fluidmaster 2 Piece Toilet Repair Kit

Get the parts needed for the most common toilet repair jobs with the proven 400A fill valve and a corrosion resistant Dura Flush Flapper.

Fluidmaster Complete Toilet Repair Kit

Fix it all with the Complete Toilet Repair Kit. It contains every part needed for a complete toilet repair, including Fill Valve, Dura-Flush® Flapper, Chrome Universal Tank Lever, Flush Valve, gasket and bolts.

Fluidmaster Adjust-A-Flush Flapper

Fix your toilet and save water with Fluidmaster's Adjust-A-Flush® Toilet Flapper. It can be adjusted to match your original flapper's performance on 2-piece, 1.6-gpf toilets. The Adjust-A-Flush® Flapper is also composed of durable, chlorine-resistant material for a long life.

Fluidmaster Dual Flush Valve System

The complete Dual Flush Valve System converts any existing 2-piece toilet into a “dual flush” toilet. This allows you to have two separate flush settings for both half and full flush needs. A dual flush option will help you use roughly 45% less water. The Fluidmaster Dual Flush System will help maintain or even exceed the toilet's original flush performance.

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