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Magnum X5

Color your home beautifully. The Magnum X5 helps you complete your painting projects with ease. This light duty sprayer covers the job in minutes. It pumps from a 1 or 5 gallon container that is portable and easy to clean.

Magnum X7

Tackle your moderate, once a month spraying needs. The Magnum X7 light-duty sprayer offers 29% more performance than the X5 and can easily handle a variety of interior and exterior projects. It also features a durable cart so you can easily move from project to project.

Magnum ProX7

Designed for more frequent spraying needs, Magnum ProX7 medium-duty sprayers are versatile and ideal for any project. Simple-to-operate controls and Power Flush™ cleaning help you finish the job fast, and the Fold-n-Store™ cart makes it easy to transport and store.

Magnum ProX9

Experience superior design and performance. Magnum ProX9 heavy-duty sprayers include the same features as the ProX7, with 12% more performance power. It's the ideal choice for handymen, maintenance crews and remodeling contractors.

Magnum 210ES

Demand the best. Graco 210ES Pro-Duty sprayer features the Endurance™ Pump, the most reliable and highest performance pump available. It's the pro's #1 choice and a real workhorse with the ability to handle the demands of your everyday painting needs.


Delivering control right where you need it. Graco spray guns offer the best possible finish giving you more coverage in less time. All Graco paint guns include a 515 RAC IV spray tip and a hand-tight no-tools tip guard. The Graco Gun Repair Kit keeps your spray guns in the best working order. Pressure rollers are great for areas where you can't spray. They attach easily to any paint sprayer, eliminating the need to dip or refill, simply pull the trigger and roll.

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