Provide a blanket of energy efficient protection for your home. Made from 85% recycled content, GreenFiber Insulation blocks air infiltration and convection currents—the primary causes of energy loss, and is a safe and cost effective solution for your home.

Safely install GreenFiber Insulation with ease. Our blowing machines have two 50’ 2.5” hose sections and are available for rental. Receive a free machine rental with a 20 bag minimum purchase. See a sales associate for assistance with rental and pickup details.

Retrofit your home while protecting the integrity of your existing walls. The GreenFiber Sidewall Nozzle allows you to easily install loose-fill insulation in sidewall cavities—the second major area of energy loss in most homes. This one-piece attachment makes the recommended two-hole, double-blow technique simple and easy to perform. Available by special order only.

*Based on a study done by the EPA. Savings vary. Find out why in seller’s fact sheet on R-values (PDF). Higher R-value means greater insulating power.