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Landscape pros rely on Kawasaki Engines to power their hardest-working ZTRs, walk-behinds, stand-on mowers and tractors for one reason: Kawasaki comes through. Turf pro or homeowner, you can count on unmatched engineering, professional-grade components, solid support, and SAE-certified horsepower in every Kawasaki engine. So lift the hood and take a look. If you see Kawasaki, you know you’re good to go. And keep going.


Kawasaki FR Engines pack professional performance into compact engine bays, with all the power you need to get results any pro would be proud of. The strong, quiet V-twin FR is the exact combination of muscle and durability the serious homeowner/handyman needs to get the mowing done fast and done right. So he can get on to other things. 

Lasting Power

Kawasaki Critical Power Engines are the only SAE power-certified turf engines in the world. That means the power you expect is the power you get: full, accurate power to run your cutting blades at optimum velocity even through tall, thick grass, while driving your mower at the perfect steady speed, while delivering maximum fuel efficiency. When it comes to getting the job done, Critical Power puts you yards ahead.

High Performance is Built In
Kawasaki Engines: The Critical Component

There’s a good reason Kawasaki engines are the critical component in premium equipment worldwide. For decades, Kawasaki has designed, built and constantly improved engines for motorcycles, high-speed rail, shipping, air transport, commercial equipment and more. You can count on durable performance from every Kawasaki powerplant: single or twin, air or liquid cooled, carbureted or DFI. 

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