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KOHLER Courage Twin-Cylinder Engines

KOHLER® Courage 
Twin-Cylinder Engines
Crank up the power. Equipped with precision governor controls, KOHLER Courage® twin-cylinder engines have the fastest load response in the industry. The Courage twin provides more power, fuel efficiency, reliable starts and easy maintenance. A large capacity airbox and modulated cooling fan is standard on Courage twins making this engine one of the quietest twin-cylinders available on consumer ride and zero-turn mowers.

KOHLER Courage Single-Cylinder Engines

KOHLER® Courage 
Single-Cylinder Engines
Get advanced technological features and easy maintenance with the KOHLER Courage® single-cylinder engines on consumer ride and zero-turn mowers. Setting a new standard in performance, its patented twin-cam design and cross-flow cylinder head provides greater airflow for better engine cooling, greater peak power and extended engine life. Courage engines also tout the tri-phase acoustically dampened air induction system which dampens combustion noise providing a quieter, smoother ride.

KOHLER Courage XT-Series Engines

KOHLER® Courage 
XT-Series Engines
Tough, reliable and professional-grade, KOHLER Courage® XT-Series engines are the most durable, long lasting engines in their class with an overhead valve design, cast iron cylinder liner and forged crankshaft. The Courage XT walk-behind mower engine also features an upper main ball bearing to protect the engine in all terrains. With easy, seasonal maintenance and the widest gas inlet in the industry, this engine has everything you’ve come to expect from KOHLER.

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