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Flood Lights

Looking for a great outdoor lighting option to use for home security?  Malibu’s low voltage flood light fixtures are a great option for eco-friendly landscape lighting and are available with an easy-to-install connector for a safe and quick installation that can be completed in 60 minutes or less.

Tier Lights

The premium metal construction of each tier light allows each fixture to remain sturdy without compromising elegance. A classic style that compliments every type of residential architecture. Available in black, copper, sand and verde finishes.

Specialty Lights

Malibu well lights and submersible flood lights provide that added touch to intricate landscape projects without the hassle. Light up statues, trees, walls and even flowing water.

Walk Lights

Malibu’s elegant and artistic line of walk lights provides the ultimate outdoor living experience for your home. Illuminate your driveway, pathway, beds and more while providing safety and security.

Bollard Lights

The sleek bollard design adds low-profile illumination along paths and plant beds. Bollard lights are constructed of premium metal with a range of illumination potential – 10 Watt to 20 Watt Halogen and new to the line the LED bollard.

Surface Mount Lights

Integrate Malibu surface mount lights to illuminate your outdoor walkways, dining areas and decks. The fixtures provide soft accent lighting turning any backyard deck or porch into the perfect destination for evening fun.