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Save time with Orbit's sprinkler timers. No more hand watering, just set your timer and go. Orbit sprinkler timers are reliable, easy-to-set and work with any residential sprinkler system. With several models available, you can find the timer that best fits your watering needs.

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Control water flow with Orbit's sprinkler valves, pre-assembled manifolds and backflow prevention valves. Engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards for years of reliable performance.

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Get the best selling, high-powered gear-drive sprinklers. Our dependable, easy-to-adjust sprinklers with a quiet and smooth rotating spray are ideal for watering large grass areas 25 to 40 feet in radius.

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Keep your lawn green with Orbit spray heads. Orbit offers a full line of spray heads to fit for any application. Long lasting, durable construction means you don't have to replace your spray heads every season. Available in an array of styles, sizes and patterns to meet your watering needs.

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Protect your sprinkler valve system with an Orbit valve box. Orbit valve boxes are engineered for strength, durability and maximum protection for your sprinkler valves. They are available in a variety of sizes and decorative rock styles to enhance your landscape.

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Create, build and repair your sprinkler system with Orbit tools. Orbit offers a complete line of tools to assist with the installation and repair of your sprinkler system.

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