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Rain Bird

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Customize and control watering schedules tailored to your unique landscape. Our timers are so simple to use, you don’t need instructions. They can even be easily linked to existing drip watering systems.

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Perfect for any home landscape, our closed-case rotor sprinklers offer quiet operation with maximum design flexibility. Rain curtain nozzle technology ensures even water distribution for a greener lawn.

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Get head-to-head coverage. With a wide range of spray heads and nozzles to choose from, you can customize a watering system to cover virtually any lawn or garden.

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Perfect for areas with hard or well water. Rain Bird impact rotors offer precise operation with industrial quality. Available in both brass and polymer they provide years of reliable watering use.

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Designed for below ground installation, Rain Bird valves are the number one choice for contractors and residential installations. Their heavy duty design ensures energy-efficiency and superior performance.

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Connect your system to a faucet or retro-fit an existing spray head. Simple to cut, connect and place without digging, this versatile system provides a faster, smarter way to drip irrigate.

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