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STERLING® bathtubs bring innovation to the forefront with smart styles and features for today's bathroom.  While many bathtubs are designed to install within a three-wall alcove, this isn't the right choice for every bathroom.  That's why STERLING® has developed drop-in and corner baths as well.

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STERLING® brings the innovation of Soild Vikrell® material to its shower enclosures. Offering high durability, attractive appearance, and easy cleaning, Vikrell® is perfectly suited for the rigors of everyday bathroom life.

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Perhaps the most prominent visual feature of your shower, the shower door, is an excellent, yet overlooked place to incorporate personal style. That's why STERLING® makes it easy to select a bathtub or shower door that suits you.

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Water conservation isn't the only area where STERLING® toilets excel; they're also built for improved performance. Toilets with Dual Force™ and ProForce™ Technologies feature a siphonic washdown system that directs all the tank water through the rim, thoroughly cleansing the entire bowl.

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With an eye for the modern bathroom, STERLING® lavatories present an impressive selection of styles. Choose from round or oval basins and easy-to-match colors like White, KOHLER® Almond, and KOHLER® Biscuit. Stainless steel lavatories are available in satin and mirror finishes, while bathroom sinks made of solid Vikrell® material come in high-gloss and swirl-gloss finishes.

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STERLING®  brings innovation to the kitchen with a variety of features in stainless steel kitchen sinks. Each kitchen sink includes SilentShield® Technology, a sound absorption system that reduces noise and vibration for years of quiet performance. STERLING® stainless steel sinks also feature flat basin bottoms to help prevent glassware from tipping or sliding, and rounded basin corners add convenience by making them easy to clean.

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