Cleaning a Sink Stopper (Pop-Up)

Sink stoppers close off the drain hole in your sink so you can fill it with water. Occasionally, they can get gunked up with hair and soap and cause your sink to drain slowly – or not at all. Pop-up stoppers – the ones that close when you pull up on a little knob next to your faucets – are connected underneath your sink to a pivot rod. To clean the stopper, you'll need to disconnect the rod.

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What You'll Need

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Time Required
You can clean a sink stopper in about half an hour.



Step One
Step 1

Raise the stopper lever to the full upright (closed) position. Underneath the sink, unscrew the retaining nut that holds the pivot rod in place. Pull the pivot rod out of the drainpipe to release the stopper.

Step Two
Step 2

From above the sink, remove the stopper from the drain opening. Clean off any debris with a small wire brush. Inspect the gasket for wear and damage, and replace it if necessary. Put the stopper back into the drain opening.

Step Three
Step 3

If the stopper doesn't work quite right, you can adjust it. From underneath the sink, loosen the clevis screw, and slide the clevis up or down on the stopper rod. When it works just right, tighten the clevis screw.

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