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Sprinkler Pumps - Keep your landscape green with water from lakes, ponds and streams

Sprinkler pumps are used to provide water from various sources, like ponds, springs and rivers for irrigation to lawn sprinkling systems. You'll find a variety of sprinkler pumps at The Home Depot, and this guide will help you understand what to look for in a sprinkler pump so you can feel confident the pump you select will work best for you.  

Lift is the distance from the surface of the water body from which you will be pumping water to the level of the highest point in your sprinkler system. 

  • Most sprinkler pumps provide lift up to 25'.

  • They are most effective with lifts up to about 20'.

  • When determining the lift required for your system, take into account whether the water table drops during droughts.


Most manufacturers make choosing a sprinkler pump simple and easy based on a few main criteria:

  • The lift required for your system

  • The number of sprinkler heads in your system

  • The total length of your sprinkler system's longest pipe run

  • The pipe's diameter

  • The collective capacity of the sprinkler heads in gallons per minute (GPM)

Once you have this information, selecting the right size pump is easy. Just plug the information into a chart most manufacturers provide to determine the size of the pump you need.

Other Considerations
Once you know the size of the pump you need, keep these other considerations in mind when making your selection:

  • Look for lawn sprinkler pumps housed in sturdy and durable thermoplastic or cast iron with cast iron volutes (spiral casing).

  • Keep noise to a minimum by selecting a pump that runs quietly.

  • Portable units are smaller sprinkler pumps that may be relocated for other uses besides watering landscapes. Some models have handles for easy transportation.

  • Power sources include standard household current for small units. Larger pumps may need to be hardwired to a 240 Volt source.

  • Most lawn sprinkler pumps are available in capacities that range from ¾ to 2 HP. A general rule of thumb for horsepower for sprinkler systems is 1 HP per acre.

  • Fittings can be male or female threaded for garden hoses while some models may use couplers to connect pipes or hose



Accessories to Consider

Booster Pump: These pumps increase water pressure to eliminate erratic fluctuations and assure a steady, even flow of water to your system.

Pressure Tank: These tanks provide consistent pressure to your sprinkler system and also act as reservoirs, assuring water is always available when you need it.

Check Valves and Foot Valves: Keeps the pump primed and helps keep water from returning to the source.

Lake Filter: Strain debris and keep it from entering sprinkler line.

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