Sump Pumps

A must for every home to keep water out during heavy rains or flooding. Flotec manufactures the most reliable sump pumps available, featuring energy-efficient technology, heavy-duty overload-protected motors and pumping capacities up to 7,000 gallons per hour!

Sewage/Effluent Pumps

Designed to move sewage including solids up to 2" from below-ground bathrooms and laundry rooms to a septic or municipal sewage system. Reliable thermoplastic models or cast-iron construction backed by a Flotec Lifetime Warranty!

Utility Pumps

Multi-purpose Flotec submersible and non-submersible utility pumps are portable, lightweight. Ideal for boosting water pressure or removing water from pools and trouble spots like flooded basements, puddles, window wells or anywhere you need to move water!

Well Pumps

Flotec is the industry leader in well pumps, offering a wide selection to draw water from wells ranging from 25 feet to 400 feet in depth. Includes shallow well and convertible deep well models, as well as the most economical, efficient 4" submersible well pumps. *Available in stores only. Product availability varies by market

Pressure Tanks

Essential for well pump systems for reliable water pressure, higher available water capacity and reduced cycling for longer pump life. Flotec steel tanks are precharged with pressure for superior reliability and easier installation in 50% less space than standard tanks.

Sprinkler/Transfer Pumps

High-capacity Flotec pumps are ideal for large sprinkler ranges or high-volume water transfer. Heavy-duty, dual-voltage motors for superior performance at depths to water of 20' or less. Self-priming after pump housing is initially filled.