Bulk Pricing


At The Home Depot, we help you leverage your buying power with bulk pricing on hundreds of carefully selected items Pros use most. Qualifying items are marked clearly, both online and on the aisles in our stores. Plus, we work hard to keep job lot quantities, so we’ll have plenty of the tools and supplies you count on. Pro-grade expertise and service come at no extra charge.


1. Look for qualifying products in your local 
store or online.
Eligible products are clearly marked online and on the aisle risers.

2. Get personalized service. Pro Desk Associates are on hand to help you with a current list of products that qualify for bulk discounts. They’ve even got the Pro-grade expertise to help you choose the right products for your project. Stop by your local Pro Desk to learn more.

3. Get savings now. To take advantage of added savings, just stock up on the products you need. Your discounts are applied automatically at check out. You can shop in your local store or buy online.

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Volume Pricing

Buying in Bulk & Bulk Pricing

At The Home Depot, Contractors and other Pros save big with wholesale prices when they buy In bulk online or in the stores.

Pros receive instant savings on hundreds of items they use most. Home Depot Bulk Pricing is available on items clearly marked in stores and online for instant savings. The Home Depot replenishes bulk items quickly to keep them in stock.