Message to Our Customers

Volume Pricing Discounts


At The Home Depot, when Pros buy more, they save more. That means real buying power you can use to win more bids.

Put your project list together then, visit your local Pro Desk where we can help you compile your order and build a quote. If you’re spending at least $2,500, chances are you can save money.


1. Assemble your project list. Build your cart in the store. If your total adds up to at least $2500, you probably qualify for a volume discount.

2. Get a quote. Talk to a dedicated Pro associate at your local Pro Desk and request a quote to see how much you can save.

Quotes can be processed by the Pro Desk any time and most requests are priced immediately.

3. Get savings now. Leverage your buying power and save big on every job.

Bulk Pricing

Volume Pricing Discounts for Professionals

At The Home Depot, Pros like you save with Volume Pricing on large orders for construction and renovation projects. It’s one more way we help you save money to make your bids more competitive. 

Our Volume Pricing Strategy is simple. Just assemble your project list and bring it to the Pro Desk at your local Home Depot store. Build your cart online or in the store. Pros get help compiling the orders, and receive special quotes for volume pricing on home construction orders as low as $2500. 

The Home Depot can help you compile your quote within minutes to save you money.  The dedicated associates at the Pro Desk can have your bid ready within minutes.  Any products can be considered for Volume Pricing, no matter how many different items you need to get the job done.