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Extension Cords & Appliance Cords

Safely extend power where you need it in your home or yard with a durable and versatile indoor/outdoor extension cord.

Find an extension cord that works as hard as you do, industrial-grade and strong enough to take on even the toughest jobs.

Extend the life of your appliances and increase home safety by replacing frayed and torn appliance cords with tough, heavy-duty new ones.

Extension Cords
Bring Power Anywhere You Need It
Extension cords bring reliable power and versatility where you need it, safely and conveniently. From extension cords for Christmas lights to electrical appliance cords, there’s an extension cord for virtually any indoor or outdoor environment, with the perfect combination of plug type, length and power rating to bring power where you need it.
Find the Perfect Extension Cord
Indoor Extension Cords
  Indoor Extension
Bring power where you need it



Outdoor Extension Cords
  Outdoor Extension Cords
Built for heavy-duty outdoor use


Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  Heavy Duty Extension Cords
Made contractor-grade tough


Cord Management
  Cord Management
Store and carry extension cords


Featured Products
Husky 9 Ft. 14-3 Power Tool Replacement Cord

Husky 9 Ft. 14-3 Power Tool Cord
Keep the power in your power tools with a new cord

Husky 100 Ft. 16-3 SJTW Cord

Husky 100 Ft. Outdoor Cord 
Power up indoors and out with this light-duty cord

15 Ft. White Spt-2 16/3 Banana Tap

15 Ft. White Heavy Duty Indoor Cord
Run electrical power safely where you need

it most

25 Ft. 14/3 Inline Multi-Outlet Cord, 3 Outlets

25 Ft. Multi-Outlet Cord
Extend power and outlets where you need them

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