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Window Film Saves Money and Energy

Window films save money

Window films are an efficient way to control heat, glare and fading without blocking your view. Heat Control window film conserves energy and can lower cooling costs by up to 50%. Window film also blocks up to 99% UV rays to reduce fading of interior furnishings. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, easy-to-install window films are a durable and affordable alternative to professionally installed window glazes.

Window films offer several performance levels to help protect your home:

- Titanium window film blocks up to 72% of the sun's heat. It is available in 3'x15' and 4'x15' rolls. Titanium is Eco Options certified and exclusively at The Home Depot.

- Heat control light window film has a lighter appearance and blocks up to 55% of the sun's heat. It is available in 3'x15' rolls.

- Energy film helps to conserve energy, lowers energy cost and blocks up to 65% of solar energy in summer and 38% of heat loss in winter.

Reasons to use window film:

  • Energy savings
  • Anti-Glare
  • Privacy
  • Decoration

- Frosted film simulates etched glass and provides 24 hour privacy.

- Mirror film is a highly reflective film which creates a mirrored effect on the outside of the window during the daytime only.

- Black film is a dark tint which darkens the room and reduces the visibility from the outside looking in during the day.

- Decorative film enhances your decor and blocks unsightly views.


Benefits of Window Film