Ralph Lauren Paint


Polished Patina

Inspired by the layered beauty of timeworn surfaces, this finish has a smooth, lustrous quality that adds antiqued character to any room.      


Introduce timeless luxury throughout your home with this luminous finish, lending a shimmering richness to classic colors.      

River Rock

Capture nature's serene beauty with this sophisticated textural finish, giving walls a natural yet elevated weathered appearance.      


This exclusive finish evokes the beauty of rich brushed suede, transforming your home with luxurious texture.      

Indigo Denim

Express classic, easygoing style with a full spectrum of washed, worn and saturated blues.      

Antiqued Leather

Transform any room with this technique's sophisticated texture and appearance of beautifully aged leather.      

Bright Canvas

Achieve the distinctive feel of canvas fabric with vibrant signature colors and inviting texture.      

Ralph Lauren Paint: A tradition of enduring quality

Ralph Lauren Paint presents a range of specialty finishes, faux techniques and signature colors that capture the spirit of Ralph Lauren’s celebrated lifestyles. More than four decades of iconic style inspire each timeless shade, meticulously crafted to capture the designer’s most legendary inspirations.

As one of the first fashion designers to create a home collection, Ralph Lauren has continued to expand his legendary style to the walls since the debut of his first paint collection in 1996. Rich colors, specialty finishes and distinctive techniques enrich every room of the home, complete with exquisite design inspiration and effortless how-to instruction.

Using the finest materials and innovative technologies in the industry, Ralph Lauren Paint is engineered to perform best in class from the can to the wall.


Black Palms

Rich earth tones and modern greys exude luxurious, understated beauty inspired by the Spring 2016 Home collection.

Greenwich Village

Smoky jewel tones, clean whites and sleek grays express distinctive downtown style with Ralph Lauren charm.

Atlantic Light

Echoing the soft shades of a coastal landscape and the warmth of morning light, sun-washed paint hues conjure a tranquil space.


Bring the rich heritage of Ralph Lauren to your home with authentic character and sophisticated, timeless beauty.

Modern Naturals

These rich colors are inspired by rustic elements mixed with refined, organic shades that exude the beauty of the natural world.


A selection of white paints reveals the richest varieties of depth, light and tone, from crisp and cool to warm and luminous.

Iconic Brights

These brilliant hues bring vivid color and Ralph Lauren’s signature vibrancy to brighten any room in your home.

Harbour Blues

From deep classic navy to vintage chambray, shades of blue appear throughout this stately & distinctive paint collection.