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Flooring Decision Guide: Bedrooms

Bedroom Floor


Bedrooms typically have less traffic and activity than other rooms in your home so durability and stain resistance are not as important. Because bare feet appreciate a warmer, softer floor, especially on cold days, comfort is a main concern. Bedroom designs tend to focus on bed coverings, which can change easily and frequently, so neutral flooring that accommodates décor changes may be important.

Choosing the Right Floor


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If comfort and warmth are most important for your bedroom floor, carpet may be the perfect choice. If style is your primary concern, laminate, wood and vinyl floors, along with carpet, offer a wide variety of choices to create the look you want.

For the utmost softness and warmth, choose carpet. Carpet also keeps rooms warm and quiet by insulating against cold and noise. Not all bedrooms are alike, however. While soft, luxurious plush carpets do well in many master bedrooms, more durable carpet styles, such as multi or berber, may be more suitable for other types of bedrooms.

Laminate & Wood
Laminate and wood make excellent flooring for bedrooms. While not as soft or warm as carpet, laminate and wood floors can be just as comfortable with area rugs and radiant heat (built in directly below the floor), and they can impart traditional elegance or a clean contemporary style.

Vinyl in a bedroom? Times have changed. Today's vinyl offers beautiful designs and styles that work well in bedrooms. As a hard-surface alternative to carpet, vinyl is both warmer and more comfortable than either laminate or wood.

Types of Bedrooms

Not all bedrooms are alike. Master bedrooms and nurseries, for example, typically have very different kinds of floors. Four common types of bedrooms are: