Master Bedrooms

Master Bedroom Floor

Master Bedrooms

Master bedrooms typically have low traffic and low wear. How low depends, of course, on whether your bedroom is a private sanctuary or a family gathering place. In most master bedrooms, comfort, warmth, quiet and style are more important than durability, safety and low maintenance.

Typical Floors for Master Bedrooms

Soft, luxurious, plush carpets do well in many master bedrooms, offering formal elegance with more comfort and warmth than most other types of carpet. For less formal or busier master bedrooms (especially if active children are present), more durable carpets like textured plush, multi or berber may work well.

Wood, Ceramic Tile & Laminate
These choices are particularly good if you have allergies or want a more traditional, formal look for the master bedroom. Area rugs and radiant heat (built in directly below the floor) can add warmth, comfort and safety to most hard-surface floors.