Spills and stains are more likely in nurseries than in other types of bedrooms. Comfort and safety are also factors, especially as babies learn to crawl, then grow into toddlers. Ideally, a nursery room floor should resist stains, be easy to maintain and provide secure footing with a non-abrasive surface that softens frequent falls.

Typical Floors for Nurseries

Durable carpet styles like frieze, level loop and berber (made from nylon or olefin fibers) work well in nurseries. Make sure the carpet you choose has tough resistance to stains and spills and is easy to clean.

Durable, easy to keep clean and available in a variety of non-slippery finishes, vinyl is a good choice for nurseries. Vinyl's resilience makes it more secure for little feet and it cushions unavoidable falls.

Laminate flooring resists stains, dents and scratches. It's also easy to clean and maintain.