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ChemDry Carpet Cleaning



Today’s carpets are designed to withstand years of wear and tear. But accidents happen, and when they do, you can trust ChemDry® to get carpets and upholstery deep-down clean without the use of harsh detergents or chemicals. ChemDry’s unique carbonating cleaning process dissolves and extracts dirt and stains from carpet, rugs and upholstered furniture. And best of all, you’ll get cleaner, fresher carpet in 1-2 hours - not days - when you use ChemDry.

Benefts of ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

Time Saving
ChemDry’s low-moisture, hot carbonating extraction system deep cleans carpets and dries within 1-2 hours by using 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners.

Deeper, Longer-Lasting Clean
Carbonating bubbles deep-clean and extract dirt and stains from carpet, rugs and upholstered or leather furniture with virtually no residue left behind.

Healthier, Safer Carpet
Soapy, wet carpet can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. ChemDry’s fast-drying carbonated cleaning solution contains no harmful phosphates or detergents that can be harmful to kids and pets and leave no residue.


ChemDry, the market leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning, is reliable partner of The Home Depot

Carpets are deep-cleaned and dry in 1-2 hours with our low-moisture cleaning and extraction process

ChemDry is completely safe and non-toxic — using no soaps, detergents, bleach phosphates, optical brighteners or harsh chemicals

It uses 80% less water, no soapy detergents or chemicals and is safer for kids, pets and the whole family

Our certified leather specialists are trained to clean and restore virtually any type of leather furniture

Eliminate pet odor and spots completely with ChemDry’s innovative cleaning product P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)




Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

ChemDry also uses its fast-drying, eco-friendly carbonated cleaning process to give your upholstered furniture a deep-down, healthy cleaning. No soaps or detergents that can leave behind sticky, dirt-attracting residue are used, and upholstery stays cleaner longer.

Leather Cleaning Care


Body oils, perspiration, skin acids and regular wear and tear can diminish the appearance of leather furniture. You can trust ChemDry’s certified leather specialist to safely and effectively clean your leather furniture and restores its natural vibrancy and shine.

Area & Oriental Rugs

Area & Oriental Rugs

ChemDry professionals are trained to clean virtually any type of rug with care and attention. A gentle cleaning and drying process is used that preserves the dye of the fibers, leaving the your rug vibrant and refreshed.

Pet Odor & Spots

Pet Odor & Spots

Most carpet cleaners only mask pet odor and spots. ChemDry’s revolutionary cleaning product, P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), goes to the molecular level and destroys the urine crystals to eliminate spots and odor.

Carpet Stain Protection

Carpet Stain Protection

Over time factory applied stain resistants will be less effective. ChemDry Protectants refresh the performance of stain resistant carpets, fortifying their ability to resist dirt, spots and stains.

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The Home Depot, in partnership with ChemDry, now offers you industry’s best carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Using ChemDry’s unique hot carbonating cleaning process and innovative, eco-friendly cleaning solution, we’ll leave you with dry, clean, healthier carpet in 1-2 hours.

ChemDry employs a non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural, and a state-of-the-art extraction process to remove dirt, stains and odor locked deep within the fibers of carpet, area rugs, and upholstered furniture. Their low moisture process use 80% less water and dries in 1-2 hours. And pet owners will love ChemDry’s revolutionary cleaning product, P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), that breaks down and eliminates stubborn spots and pet odors. Schedule an appointment today for carpet or upholstery cleaning.