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Installation Services: Contractor License Numbers

Contractor License Numbers

Should you decide a professional installation from a licensed contractor is the way to go, rest assured knowing The Home Depot stands behind all installation work to make sure the project is completed on time the right way. All independent contractors carry the appropriate licenses and insurance for their areas and undergo thorough screening and background checks before they become a contractor affiliated with The Home Depot.

We stand behind their work and provide at minimum a one-year service warranty on all installations. When we choose a specialty or general contractor for your installation, you're in good hands.

So sit back and enjoy the process. You’ll like seeing the progress made during the installation and revel in the finished product all the while knowing that The Home Depot is there to make sure you get a great installation experience and are a happy customer.

License numbers held by or on behalf of HOME DEPOT, U.S.A., INC.:

Alaska (AK): 25084, Anchorage CON6443
Alabama (AL): 1924, 3010, 45878, East Brewton 2010000001568, Florence 84160, Mobile County 2015-000601
Arkansas (AR): 0228161015
Arizona (AZ): ROC252435, ROC092581
California (CA): 60233
Colorado (CO): ME-30122, 189758, EC-7930, ME-5538, PC.0003126, Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept. 20766
Connecticut (CT): 533772
District of Columbia (DC): 420214000109
Delaware (DE): 1997116469, Bethany Beach 15005, Dewey Beach 12-0287, Elsmere L5-00332, New Castle County LC7745, Rehoboth Beach 18008
Florida (FL): 22640, CAC1813767, CFC1426021, CFC1427642, CGC1514813, EC0001440
Georgia (GA):  RBCO005730
Guam (GU): CLB-08-0124
Hawaii (HI): C30305, CT-22120, CT 28468
Idaho (ID): 002302, 3662, 003812, 005190, RCE-19683
Iowa (IA): C091302  
Illinois (IL): Chicago TGC052654, Elmwood Park, City of Darien, Lake Bluff 43009, Melrose Park 2022, Westchester 4380, Monee 0023
Indiana (IN): Allen County (Ft. Wayne) BD16823, BD16824, Evansville-Vanderburgh County 21648, Gary 100255- 01, 100257-04, Griffith C000965, Hammond 026860-02, Indianapolis GA1200685, Hobart 00302
Kansas (KS): Johnson County 6270
Kentucky (KY): Lexington-Fayette Urban County 11517
Louisiana (LA): LMP 2977, LMP6987, 43960
Massachusetts (MA): 107774,104510
Maryland (MD): 05-42144-1-44, Ocean City 32682
Michigan (MI): 2101-089942, 2101198586, Detroit LIC2002-00895
Minnesota (MN): BC147263, PC 147263, BC638192, 93716-PM, 93715-PM
Mississippi (MS): R 00304
Montana (MT): 37730
Nebraska (NE): 26085
Nevada (NV): 38686, Las Vegas C-2503943, North Las Vegas 89676
New Mexico (NM): 86302, C86302, 365222
New York (NY): Buffalo LT12-10023782, City of Tonawanda 32877, East Hampton 4499, Long Beach 4917, Nassau County H1171050000, H1771053000, Niagara Falls 971, North Tonawanda 368.14, New York City 0900456, 900457, 0900458, 0910621, 0910622, 0920734, 0968605, 1003822, 1003823, 1003825,1003828, 1003830, 1003833, 1026224, 1075580, 1129555, 1129556, 1129557, 1129562, 1129564, 1133444, 1152032, 1152034, 1152035,1152036, 1152038, 1152039, 1152040, 1178447, 1186042, 1212045, 1223272, 1251871, 1318292, Putnam County PC 689, Rockland County H-06464, Southampton  L002442, Suffolk County 47874-ME, 53429-H, 50222-MP, Town of Tonawanda 767, Westchester County WC18484H06, Yonkers 5675
North Carolina (NC): 31521
North Dakota (ND): 29073
Ohio (OH):  46992, Cincinnati CBRC004473, Cleveland CR14025305, Cleveland Heights 3897, Columbus G6052, Lakewood 1000003993, Medina 15-021, Shaker Heights 7223, Avon Park 24054, Ashland CR15-027
Oklahoma (OK):  OK 91910, 0135514, Edmond 463, Lawton 91910-P, Norman 0008027, 126128, Tulsa TUL-2131A
Oregon (OR): 8558, 11827, 95843
Pennsylvania (PA): Bear Creek Township 1709, Johnstown 2931, Philadelphia 18736
Puerto Rico (PR): SJ-14328-CN
Rhode Island (RI): 9480
South Carolina (SC): Charleston County 2014121611, City of Charleston 35736, SC GLG110120
Tennessee (TN): 00047781, Shelby County B47781
Texas (TX): DALLAS 1131556, 1133429, 1135096, 1135132, 1138821, 1138822, 1143219, TICL-113, ME-137170, TECL-24447, LI18140, M-16451, M-36192, TACLB-14980C, TACLA-1574C, WTS-4195, TRC-0450, Longview P120581
Utah (UT): 286936-5501
Virginia (VA): 2705-068841A
Washington (WA): HOMED088RH
Wisconsin (WI): 1046796
West Virginia (WV):  WV036104, Charleston 15121, Huntington 192, Nutter Fort
Wyoming (WY): CT14-30319, C-40136, Cheyenne CT14-09550, CT11-23684, CT-14-30318

Services may not be available in all areas. The Home Depot reserves the right to correct pricing errors on printed materials. Offer(s) may not be combined with any other offer. All home services performed through The Home Depot, including plumbing services, are performed by independent contractors, including independent licensed plumbing contractors, as applicable.

Services provided by The Home Depot authorized independent installation professionals.