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Countertop Buying Guide: Finishes



Some countertops come in a single finish, such as matte or polished. Others are available in your choice of finishes. For countertops in general, the most popular finishes are:

Polished - glossy surface
Honed - satin-smooth matte surface
Antiqued - burnished surface for an aged look
Brushed - rough surface with random bumps and ridges

Other available finishes include:

  • Fine rubbed - smooth no-sheen surface
  • Rubbed - smooth, no-sheen surface with a few small "trails" or scratches
  • Sawn - textured surface with subtle bumps and crevices
  • Thermal - rough surface created by applying a flame to the stone

For details on available finishes for each countertop material, ask a store associate.

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