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Attic Insulation Installation


The Best Products. The Best Warranties.

Quality attic insulation and wall insulation can save energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Our installations of loose fill and radiant barrier insulation also give you these added protections:

• 10-year craftsmanship warranty to ensure insulation installation 
   is done right*
• Lifetime product warranty on Owens Corning 
   loose fill insulation*
• Backing by the world’s largest home improvement retailer

We know you have a choice for your home improvement project. With The Home Depot, you leave nothing to chance.

*Ask your consultant for warranty details.

Advantage Homedepot

When you choose The Home Depot for insulation installation, you benefit from:

Insulation installation that consistently earns high customer ratings

One competitive price that covers everything from materials and installation to cleanup

Craftsmanship and insulation materials backed by The Home Depot, the nation's #1 home improvement retailer

Total "end-to-end" project management from measurement to installation to cleanup

Free In-Home Installation Consultation

More than 90% of American homes are under-insulated. Find out why you need proper insulation during a free in-home consultation covering:  

• Benefits of loose fill/blown-in and radiant barrier
• Samples of actual products
• Insulation to fit your budget

Prior to your appointment, think about how long you plan to stay in your home, monthly energy costs, temperature consistency, your budget and questions about energy efficiency. If possible, include the household members who will help with the home insulation decision.

Improve your Home's Energy Efficiency

The right insulation can make a big difference in your 
energy bills. The combination of a radiant barrier and loose 
fill insulation is especially effective. Some studies show radiant 
barriers can lower cooling costs between 5% - 10% in warm, 
sunny climates. When added to properly installed blown-in 
insulation, the savings can really add up.

Insulation Installation Done Right

Here’s what you can expect:

• Project updates via
• Insulation materials delivered to your home
• Work areas marked and contained
• Baffles installed to protect can lights and vents
• Authorized, licensed as required, screened and insured installers
• Clean-up and debris removal

The Home Depot insulation products and installation process qualify for the ENERGY STAR® home sealing and insulation program.

*See for details.  


Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation

Schedule A Free In-Home Consultation

Flexible Financing Options

The Home Depot offers multiple financing options for your custom gutter and/or leaf protection installation:

• With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, pay no interest on installation purchases of $299 or more if paid in full within six months. minimum payments required.*

• Get The Home Depot Project Loan and pay fixed monthly payments for six months with no interest, no payment purchasing window and no annual fee. Annual percentage rates start as low as 7.99%; credit lines are available up to $40,000.*

*See credit offers for full details.




What to Consider When Purchasing Insulation Installation

Common Insulation Myths

Common Insulation Installation Myths

Myth: Insulating the ceiling forces more heat to leak out of windows.

Truth: Adding insulation to one part of a home won't increase the "pressure" on heat losses through other parts, but poorly insulated areas will continue to be major sources of heat/cooling loss.


Myth: Stuffing thicker insulation into a smaller space increases its R-value.

Truth: Fiberglass insulation works like trapped air pockets. Compressing it decreases the amount of air trapped and reduces its R-value.


Myth: Mold likes fiberglass.

Truth: Fiberglass doesn’t hold water very well unless it is soaked and it does not provide food for biological growth. Dirty fiberglass happens when it captures dirt as air flows through it, not because of mold.

Your Insulation Choices

Your Insulation Installation Choices

The Home Depot offers three types of quality insulation:

Loosefill blown-in insulation is installed by trained and certified professionals.

• Does not absorb moisture
• Resists mold
• Does not settle or deteriorate
• Is noncombustible and noncorrosive
• Maintains insulating power over time

Spray radiant barrier* is applied in a thin, even coat to the underside of your roof deck and gable ends.

• Reduces radiant heat transfer by up to 81%
• Is a lower-cost option for cutting radiant heat entering your attic
• Is environmentally friendly and has very low odor

Foil radiant barrier reflects radiant heat to reduce heat transfer from your roof deck into your home.

• Reduces summer attic temperatures up to 30 degrees
• Reflects heat out in the summer and back into the living space in winter
• Lessens the burden on HVAC units

*Where available



Installing insulation is a fast, economical way to lower your energy bills. If your house insulation is low R-value, old, compressed or nonexistent, R-19 insulation is a good baseline improvement. R-19 (resistance to heat) provides basic protection from outside heat loss or gain and helps standard heating and cooling equipment maintain a comfortable temperature inside.  


To step up your home’s energy efficiency, choose a higher R-value insulation and a spray radiant barrier* to prevent heat loss or gain, reduce heating and cooling costs and increase comfort. Because blown-in loosefill insulation doesn’t settle, it maintains the same energy-saving level over time.

*Where available


R-49/60 insulation provides excellent protection from heat loss or gain for a more comfortable home and lower energy bills. R-49/60 insulation is especially effective when combined with a radiant barrier foil installed on the underside of your roof. It blocks radiant heat and keeps house insulation cooler and more efficient.

Insulation Installation RATINGS & REVIEWS

Attic Insulation Installers Can Help You Reduce Cost

More than 90% of homes in America lack adequate attic insulation and wall insulation. But here’s the good news. According to the Department of Energy, a properly insulated attic can save you anywhere from 10 to 50% on your energy bill – so we’re not just blowing hot air. Adding home insulation with the right R-value can also make a big difference, be well worth the cost savings, and help you enjoy more comfort year round.

 Ready to stop wasting energy but don’t know how to install insulation? Start by scheduling a FREE in-home consultation and let one of our insulation contractors answer all your questions about insulating an attic, the benefits of adding insulation, what R value you need, and the differences between our loose fill, blown-in and radiant barrier insulation products. We’ll also explain how the installation process works and recommend a solution with a cost that fits your budget.

 Our top rated insulation products and installation services also qualify you for the Energy Star® home sealing and insulation program. Your state energy office or local utility office may also offer product rebates, discounts and other financial incentives after you’ve added insulation to your attic.

 When you’re ready to have your insulation installed, our team of skilled, licensed and insured insulation contractors will do the job right, and bring enhanced comfort to your house and cost savings to your wallet. The Home Depot also offers credit and/or project loan financing options for attic insulation.