Laundry & Utility Rooms

Laundry Room Floor

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Laundry and utility rooms are typically among the least public rooms in a home, usually with low traffic. But low traffic in such rooms doesn't mean low wear. Powder laundry detergent can abrade floors. Spilled water is common, and wet floors make safety an issue. Also, laundry and utility rooms tend to contain maintenance supplies (such as bleach, solvents and paints) and tools that can spill on, scratch or dent your floor.

Choosing the Right Floor

Laundry Room Table

We Recommend

Laundry and utility room floors should be highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. The floor should also resist stains, soil, dents and scratches; offer a safe, non-slippery surface; and be able to handle the room's water usage. Vinyl and ceramic tile are two good choices.

Vinyl is affordable, highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. Plus it's highly resistant to water, stains and soil.

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile offers outstanding durability and resistance to wear, stains, soil and water.