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Paving Stone Styles & Colors

Paving Stone

At The Home Depot, you'll find the perfect paving stone for your home or garden. We offer nearly 500 different types of premium paving stones in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, finishes and pattern.

  • Top-quality materials - paving stones are made of clay brick or tough, durable concrete that's been finished to look like brick, stone or slate. Interlocking design means stones align perfectly.
  • Colors that last - high-quality pigmenting process means color goes all the way through the stones; with lesser-quality stones, color is only on the surface.
  • Colors stay strong and bright with less fading from wear and exposure to sunlight
  • Choose from red, terra cotta, buff, earth blend and other popular colors
  • Virtually maintenance free - just sweep or hose off occasionally
  • Easy to repair - if a paving stone becomes damaged, just remove it and replace it with a new one, or, depending on the stone's design, simply flip the stone over to reveal the other side
  • Enduring beauty - paving stones can last up to 30 years under normal use

Paving Stone - The Home Depot

The cobbled effect of Granette Setts paving stones creates a charming walkway with Old World style. 

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Anchor Highland Stone gives walls the rustic texture and look of natural stone.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Update your patio with one of our contemporary paving stone designs, like Symetry, shown here.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Plaza Stone comes in rectangles and squares for a variety of design options.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Octagonal DecoraStone adds interest and depth.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Use Holland Stone to create a runner bond pattern.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Carriage Stone Heritage lends timeless elegance to your driveway.

Paving Stone - The Home Depot


Give your pool deck a checkerboard effect with City Stone III.

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