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Portable Generators

Portable Generators

Portable generators are built for tough duty, which makes them excellent for construction sites. But if you install a Generator Ready Kit, your portable generator can come to the rescue during a home power outage, too.

With the Generator Ready Kit, you pre-wire your home or business to use a Guardian Ultra Source portable generator for emergency backup power. When the next outage strikes, simply wheel your portable generator out of storage and connect it to the outdoor connection box with the supplied power cord to get power going again. The kit comes with the pre-wired transfer switch and an emergency load center with 12 circuits.

While you must physically start the portable generator, the transfer switch will automatically transfer the load to the emergency power and back to the utility once power resumes and the generator is shut off. Then you can disconnect your portable generator and return it to storage.

The Home Depot sells portable generators in three powerful options: Ultra Source 15,000 Watt and 17,500 Watt with a 60 Amp manual transfer switch. All portable models run on gasoline. Standard features include a wheel kit, electric start, GFCI outlets, idle control and automatic voltage regulation.

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