Quarry Tile


These thick, dense, unglazed tiles are made from natural clays and shales.

  • High density gives strong resistance to water and stains
  • Natural matte finish provides good traction and resistance to slips; abrasive-grain version offers even greater traction
  • Sizes up to about 12 inches wide; 6-inch squares are most common
  • Combines durability and beauty
  • Commonly available in earth tones (brick red to various shades of tan); terra-cotta look; and sometimes dyed

Common Uses - Majority of quarry tile is used commercially. Can be installed outdoors in nonfreezing climates.
Durability - Very durable
Water Absorption - Water-resistant but not waterproof. Seal regularly.
Maintenance - Generally easy to clean; wipe with a wet cloth or sponge. To remove more difficult spills, dirt or stains, use commercial or industrial cleaners.
Cost - Depends on size; typically slightly more than $2 per square foot

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