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Why The Home Depot?


A Complete Roofing Solution for Your Peace of Mind

The Home Depot features some of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing materials in the industry. All The Home Depot's roofing systems are crafted and installed with an eye to enhancing your home's curb appeal.

The Home Depot's licensed and insured roofing professionals don't take shortcuts when installing your new, high-performance roofing system. They will:

  • Carefully remove and dispose of your old, deteriorating roofing materials
  • Inspect the wood decking (base) beneath and replace all damaged or rotted wood
  • Install a rubberized leak barrier in all areas prone to water and moisture infiltration
  • Add a layer of superior underlayment over the entire deck to provide a smooth, flat surface for the new shingles
  • Protect wood surfaces and fascia boards from deterioration by installing a new drip edge
  • Ensure all necessary flashing is in place and in good condition
  • Install a balanced attic ventilation system to balance temperatures in the attic, allowing your home's heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently. This will lower energy costs and prolong the life of your new roof.
  • Secure the new shingles by precisely nailing them in place in an overlapping pattern

Our installation professionals adhere to The Home Depot's stringent installation standards that meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. That means you get the best protection for your home by the professionals you trust long after the job is complete.

We know you have choices when it comes to home improvement. The Home Depot wants to be that choice for your new roof. It's what we do best. 

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