How To Choose Carpeting


Before you begin shopping for your new carpet, answer the following questions:


 Where in your home will the new carpeting be installed?
Where to install a carpet

Keep in mind that you’ll need a durable type of carpet in rooms that see a lot of activity and have high-traffic areas, especially family rooms, hallways and game rooms. You can use our Flooring Estimator to help determine the right carpet for you and your family.
 Childern or pets

Do you have children and/or pets?


If you have a flock of little ones or furry four-legged family members, you’ll need carpet with high stain resistance.

 Like or Dislike

What do you like or dislike about your current carpet?


If your carpet isn’t as soft as you’d like, or if you feel the color or style is outdated, then you have some options to consider that will deliver the characteristics you desire.

Receive carpet quickly

How quickly do you need your new carpet installed?


Special order carpets can take up to two weeks to arrive, but we carry a number of carpet types and styles to accommodate our customers who need a quicker turn-around.

View our full carpet assortment online at, and our downloadable carpet buying PDF.

Five Carpet Considerations to Keep in Mind Before You Buy

Weight and fiber 1. Carpet weight and fiber: Ounce weight is the biggest
    factor in determining the cost of carpet. A lower ounce
    weight will affect thickness and softness. Durable fibers,
    such as nylon and polyester, normally are priced higher
    but you get better carpet for your money.
Carpet pad 2. Carpet pad: A better pad will result in greater comfort
    and aid in durability.
Warranty coverage 3. Warranty coverage: No one can match The Home Depot
    comprehensive warranty coverage. You’ll enjoy peace-of-
    mind with lifetime stain warranties, wear warranties of up to
    25 years and lifetime installation warranties.
Financing options 4. Financing options: We offer a variety of carpet financing
    options. for additional information.
Installation of carpet 5. Installation options: We offer lifetime installation
    warranties and you’ll only pay for the services you
    need. Furniture moving, removal and disposal are
    priced separately, so we can customize your 
    installation based on your needs and budget.

Carpet Fibers and Types

Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers are the specific type of material that comprises carpet. Because different fibers react to wear and tear in varying degrees, it’s important to understand each type of fiber and what they offer in terms of durability, stain resistance and fading.
Carpet fibers
There are five primary carpet fibers that comprise most carpet types:
Nylon: The most popular fiber that is also the strongest and most durable
Polyester: Offers superior stain and fade resistance while delivering vibrant coloration
Triexta: Comprised of 39 percent corn sugars, which translates to extreme softness
Olefin: Least expensive carpet fiber that repels UV rays
Wool: The premier carpet fiber with excellent durability and a soft, luxurious feel

Carpet Types

When deciding upon the type of carpet that is right for your home, keep in mind that whatever type you choose, it will become a focal point for the room where you install it. You can choose to have your carpet accent your décor, or provide contrast, depending on your personal taste.
There are four main carpet types to choose from:
Texture (Saxony/Cut Pile): Offers a smooth surface and traditional look. Great for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways.
Twist Twist (Frieze): Delivers a modern, casual and stylish look with great durability. Recommended for bedrooms, sitting rooms and media rooms.
Loop Loop (Berber): Provides maximum durability for active family rooms and high-traffic areas, such as recreation rooms, basements and workout rooms.
Pattern Pattern (Cut & Loop/Sculptured): Offers distinctive looks with patterns for a stunning visual impact. Recommended for formal rooms, dining rooms and basements.


Collections and Warranties

Reference the following charts to find features, benefits and helpful information for the specific brands we carry and their warranties.

Comparing Collections

RECOMMENDED CARPET PAD Scotchgard™ or Memory Foam Memory Foam or StepAhead™ with Nike Grind® StepAhead™ with Nike Grind® or TrafficMaster™ 
WARRANTY Platinum Plus® Lifetime Stain and Soil, 25-Year Wear and Texture Warranties Select, Deluxe and Premium Warranties available ranging from 5 to 15 years A variety of warranty coverages available (up to 10 years)
FIBER Nylon or Triexta™ Polyester Polyester, Olefin and Nylon
THICKNESS Medium to High Low to Medium Low
PRICE $$$ $$ $
BENEFITS Durability, stain resistance and wear warranties Broad selection at great value Commercial applications available
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Comparing Warranties






FOOD & BEVERAGE Lifetime Lifetime 10-Year 5-Year
PET URINE Lifetime Lifetime Not included Not included
SOIL Lifetime Lifetime 10-Year 5-Year
TEXTURE RETENTION 25-Year 15-Year 10-Year 5-Year
ABRASIVE WEAR 25-Year 15-Year 10-Year 5-Year
ANTI-STATIC Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
STAIRS Included Not included Not included Not included
INSTALLATION WARRANTY Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime


Having a durable carpet pad will increase the comfort level of your carpeting. We carry four exclusive types of padding.



• ½-inch thickness 
• Durable foam makes carpet feel better and last longer 
• Insulating quality helps slow energy loss 
• Anti-microbial protection inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria 
• Not recommended for loop or pattern carpet types

Memory Foam

Memory Foam with Teflon


• 8-pound density
• 7/16-inch thickness  
• Comfortable cushioning
• Provides consistent softness underfoot
• Anti-microbial protection inhibits mold, mildew and 
• Teflon surface protector keeps spills on the pad’s 
  surface for easier cleanup

Nike Grind

StepAhead with Nike Grind 


• 8-pound density
• 7/16-inch thickness
• Made with salvaged high-performance Nike athletic 
  shoe scrap material
• Environmentally friendly 90 percent recycled content
• Helps keep millions of pounds of scrap out of landfills 

 Traffic Master

 TrafficMaster 6 pound and 8 pound 


• Hypoallergenic, designed for use in commercial and 
   residential applications
• 5/16-inch and 7/16-inch thickness
• 100 percent recycled bonded urethane, CRI Green 
   Label approved
• 8-pound density is designed for loop and commercial 

Recommended Carpet Pad



Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation
Our certified carpet installers deliver professional results, giving you a worry-free installation that you’ll be proud to show to friends and family.

Our carpet installation includes:
Quick-Install Options: Select styles and colors can be installed seven business days after measurement and payment are completed. In many stores, certain carpet options can be installed in as little as 72 hours.
Lifetime Installation Warranty: We stand behind our quality installations performed by our independent flooring professionals. These insured, licensed (where applicable) and certified specialists have been chosen for providing exceptional craftsmanship and customer service that meets or exceeds industry standards.
Digital Technology Measurement: We are the only retailer to offer advanced digital measurement technology to our customers. Our technicians use proven digital measurement pads to quickly and accurately map your installation. You can schedule a measure for a time that’s convenient for you.
Customizable Pricing: We only charge for the services you want. We offer competitive basic installation pricing and add-ons like old flooring removal/disposal, furniture moving and stair/step installation. You decide which services you want and we’ll take care of the rest.
Proven Customer Satisfaction: Customers give our installation services a 5-star satisfaction rating, with 9 out of 10 reporting they were “completely satisfied” (Voice of Customer Survey, March 2013).