Cord Management

Cord management
Power cord management systems keep electrical and extension cords neatly stored and out of the way, transforming clutter into a streamlined system. Bundling household, home entertainment and computer cords and cables enhances electrical cord safety, keeps living and work areas clutter-free, eliminates tripping hazards and helps keeps electrical cords away from small children and pets.
Some cord management systems simply bundle loose cords together while others are designed to eliminate slack and conceal excess cable in enclosures. Read our Conduit Buying Guide to learn more about protective coverings for home wiring systems. This buying guide will inform you about the innovative devices specifically designed to contain, organize and conceal electrical equipment power cords so you can feel confident you’re purchasing the device or system that best meets your needs and budget.


Ties, Loops and Straps


These types of cord organizers wrap around groups of electrical cords and are secured by twisting a friction lock or hook-and-loop fasteners. Ties, loops and straps are ideal for organizing computer and home theater cords, keeping workbenches clutter-free, taking up slack in excess appliance cords or simply for securely storing extension cords in tidy coils when not in use. Look for organizers that include writeable, color-coded, self-adhesive labels that make it easy to tag individual cords to identify the devices they connect.

Tidy Cord Coil

Cord Covers

Cord covers are ideal for concealing multiple cords, wires and cables.
Channels are a good solution for covering and routing home entertainment and home office 
  wires and cables. They come in a variety of styles and configurations to accommodate almost 
  any multi-cord application. Channels attach to the wall with peel-off adhesive backing, are 
  paintable and complement virtually any décor with stylish design. 
Flexible polyethylene covers can be cut to desired length to house, conceal and protect 
  wiring. They split open lengthwise to contain bundled wires and snap shut to create a 
  continuous protective housing.These covers are flexible and adjust easily around corners 
  and other obstructions. Some units are spiral cut, allowing electrical cords to come out at 
  specific locations when needed.
Polyethylane Tubing
•  Over-the- floor cord protectors cover electrical cords that run across the floor, hiding the 
  cord and eliminating tripping hazards. They are easy to install, and secure to the floor with 
  double-sided adhesive tape. Over-the-floor cord protectors are an excellent solution for 
  concealing and managing cords in garages and work out areas.
Floor Cord Protector

Raceway provides a metallic or PVC channel for surface wiring to run through. Raceway attaches to walls, floors or desks with screws or pressure-sensitive tape backing. It comes in a variety of colors and may be paintable.
Metal raceway Metal raceway is a solution for covering wiring and cables for heavy-duty power applications in areas with brick walls, concrete or garages. It can be cut to size and mounts to walls easily with clips and couplings.
Non-metallic raceway Non-metallic raceway has a sleek profile for on-wall wiring for adding power or communications to rec rooms or home offices. The base attaches securely to the wall with screws and the snap-on cover conceals and secures the wires in place.

Cord Wraps, Winders and Reels

Cord Wrap Cord wraps provide an easy way to store and carry extension cords. You simply wrap the cord around a sturdy framework and carry it where you need it using the built-in handle.
Cord Winders Cord winders make it easy to find, use and store extension cords and are an excellent way to eliminate tangles. As you wind the cord, it coils into a basket below. The winder can be installed on the wall near an outlet, making it easy to set up a cord when you need it.
Cord Reels Cord reels simplify storage and eliminate tangled extension cords by rolling them onto a cylinder with a hand crank. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, cord reels' hand cranks, handles and stands make them easy to use. Many models hold as much as 150 feet of cord.  
Retractable Reels A variation of the cord reel, multi-plug cord and reel organizers provide an extension cord and power plugs in a convenient single unit. Designs include open or enclosed reels, cords that automatically retract with a tug, circuit breakers for overload protection and 4-6 electrical outlets located on either the housing or at the end of the power cord.