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Custom Showering

Custom Showering 
Transform your shower by combining components to match virtually any budget. Start by upgrading to a multi-function showerhead. For a fuller experience, add sprays and jets that make more use of your existing water lines. Or completely transform your shower into a spa-like retreat.

Get More from Your Showerhead 

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to instantly upgrade your shower experience is to install a new showerhead. You’ll find a wide variety of showerhead designs that can transform you shower experience, from comforting rain showers to invigorating dual-head sprays.
Adjustable showerheads Adjustable showerheads change spray patterns easily to suit your mood with a variety of settings.
Hand showers Hand showers are ideal for washing children and pets and make cleaning the shower easier.
Overhead showers Overhead showers can be up to 12" wide and deliver a relaxing cascade of water directly from above.

Take Your Shower to the Next Level

Tower showers combine valves, body sprays, handheld sprays and water jets into a complete, multi-angle high-performance shower.
   Multi-angle high-performance shower Adjust the angles

Simply adjust the angles on high and low sprays to experience a different shower experience every day.

Pour on the Performance

For the ultimate in personalized showers, consider a custom shower with all the features of a luxurious day spa, for a total sensory experience designed to soothe both body and mind.
Pour on the Performance Personalize settings and angles for wall- and ceiling-mounted spray nozzles, pulsating sprays and pivoting shower heads and panels for maximum coverage from above, below, front and back.  
Create Your Own Personal Spa Set water temperature and adjust the flow of water with the precision of electronic controls. Surround yourself with soft music and lighting or incorporate a steam generator to rejuvenate tired muscles.