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Refreshing your space for spring isn't just about swapping your throw pillows for a more vibrant pair. There are easy steps you can take this season to revive your style, try out new looks and make for better days.

Give your walls an easy springtime upgrade with a standout wallpaper pattern. This hot trend is an often non-permanent accent and, depending on the area you want to cover, wallpaper application can be a gratifying one-day project.

Next, focus on streamlining your spring routine. Setting yourself up for success will ease you out of bed and make early mornings more bearable. Try a smart coffee maker that you can set ahead of time. Instead of a harsh buzzer as your wake-up call, you’ll be stirring to the smells of a warm brew.

Finally, for a bold statement, experiment with an accent paint color on a window or door frame. Slim panes and panels allow you to try a daring shade that you might not have thought of for a full wall.

Shop these bright accents and show us your spring style on Instagram using @homedepot.

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