Installing Bathroom Mirrors


There are two main kinds of bath mirrors: framed and frameless. Most framed mirrors are hung with brackets or wires in the same way you hang a picture frame. Frameless mirrors may use special clips or rest on top of a vanity with special adhesive to hold them in place. This project guide will show you different options for installing either of those.



• Check the placement of the mirror to determine the best way to mount it to the wall.  Whenever possible, plan 
  to utilize the studs behind the wall to support the brackets or hooks that support your mirror.

• Gather your mirror and any mounting hardware you plan to use with the mirror before you begin work.  If you 
  are using mounting brackets, be sure to place them on a level plane so they equally support the weight of 
  the mirror.



• Have someone assist you when handling large mirrors.

• If you are attaching your mirror to the wall with clips, hangers, or brackets, be sure that the hardware is sized 
  to handle the weight of the mirror and attached to wall studs if mirror placement will allow it.

• If you live in a seismic zone, consult with your local building department to see if any local requirements for 
  installing large mirrors apply to you.



• If you are looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up the look of a frameless mirror, consider adding your 
  own frame using picture frame moulding available at your local Home Depot store.




Step 1: Framed mirrors

Framed Mirrors

If the mirror frame does not already have a bracket centered at the top of the frame, connect a wire between two side brackets so that the curve of the wire when pulled tight is slightly below the top of the frame. Twist the wire around itself several times and use pliers to snip off any extra.


Next, mark the desired location on the wall and attach a properly sized hook. Hang the mirror wire on the hook and adjust the mirror to make it level.


Step 2: Small frameless mirrors

Small Frameless Mirrors Small frameless mirrors are usually held in place with clips. First, identify the desired placement of the mirror and determine the number of clips that will be required based on the size of your mirror and the composition of the wall or door that you’re mounting the mirror to.

Step 3: Large frameless mirrors

Large Frameless Mirrors Large frameless mirrors are often supported directly on the bath countertop backsplash and fixed to the wall using mirror adhesive. Mark the location of the mirror then stage the mirror close to its final position. Apply mirror adhesive to the back of the mirror and/or to the wall as instructed by the adhesive manufacturer. Move the mirror into position and support it as recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.