Restoration & Remediation


Compact Carpet Blower

category #09 group #895

High velocity airflow speeds evaporation after carpet cleaning or even leaks or spills. Unique design directs air 360 degrees across floor up to 10 feet across. Lightweight and highly portable - can fit anywhere - bathrooms, closets, even inside cabinets.

Carpet Blower

category #09 group #920

Carpet dryer uses high velocity air to dry carpets and floors fast after floods or cleaning.

PRO Carpet Blower

category #09 group #964

Streamlined airmover dries faster than other airmovers and smaller, lighter and easier to carry than other airmovers. With 5 drying positions, you can dry floors, walls, stairways, even down narrow hallways. With only 1.9 amps drawn per unit, up to 6 units can be daisy-chained from the same power circuit.


PRO Compact Dehumidifier 17 G/Day

category #10 group #334

The PRO Compact dehumidifier dries out water-soaked materials and reduces excess humidity much faster than residential dehumidifiers. It fits easily even in a small vehicle, and it’s easy to place the unit in crawlspaces, bathrooms, attics, closets or other tight areas – and continues drying even after humidity levels drop. USA-made and built to handle the toughest environments, this compact, professional-grade dehumidifier is the solution professionals choose for moisture control during remodels, construction, flood cleanup, and more!

Dehumidifier 18 G/Day

category #10 group #138

Portable dehumidifier quickly removes moisture after leaks, spills or floods - up to 18 gallons a day! Use to dehumidify areas up to 6500 cu. ft. It's easy to operate using the digital control panel. Automatic pumpout with 10-ft. hose so no containers to empty.

PRO Dehumidifier 29 G/Day

category #10 group #338

Professional high-capacity portable dehumidifier removes more water for faster drying, and keeps removing moisture as humidity levels drop. Set the built-in humidistat to control humidity, or run at full capacity and monitor progress using the on-board inlet/outlet temperature and relative humidity display. Removes up to 29 gallons of water per day.

Floor Cleaners

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaner

category #10 group #550

Some cleaning tasks are hard or nearly impossible to accomplish using conventional cleaning methods. ES6100 Vapor steam cleaner allows you to make quick work of tile and grout, kitchens, bathrooms, door thresholds and other tough cleaning jobs while deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces. US Steam systems have been used for 19 years in food service, hospitality and lodging, automotive applications, hospitals and healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, government and military. Clean Green with US Steam.

Environmental Tools

Hepa Air Scrubber with Filters

category #09 group #894

This powerful air scrubber removes dust and other particles from construction and remodeling sites. Use during demolition, sanding, carpet tearout or any other project that generates dust. Also use to clean air for occupants with asthma or allergies or to provide clean air to enclosed spaces.

Thermal Camera

category #10 group #356

If you are new to Thermography and just need a general purpose Thermal Imaging Camera for troubleshooting, this camera is perfect for you! Small size (12oz) and fully automatic design make it incredibly easy-to-use even for first time users. Focus free lens for convenient viewing (focus from 2ft). 512MB miniSD card stores up to 5000 Radiometric JPEG images. Analyze each image with QuickReport (TM) Software. High 2% accuracy, 2.8" color LCD, dust and splash proof – meets IP43 standards. In addition, it has a 120 x 120 (14,400 pixels) infrared detector, Spot measurement mode, Area Box with Min/Max/Avg readings, and Isotherm (color temperature alarm) for scanning large areas and measuring above or below a critical temperature. Comes complete with miniSD memory card, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 90-260V AC adaptor/charger with EU, UK, US and Australian plugs, QuickReport(TM) software, USB cable, built-in manual lens shutter, and hand strap.

Mold Fogger

category #10 group #355

The Concrobium Mold Control fogger is a great way to apply Concrobium Mold Control in large or inaccessible indoor areas, in order to treat widespread mold issues or combat musty odors.


Gas Trash Pump 2"

category #04 group #484

The 2" Trash Pump is ideally suited for dewatering a flooded area with gravel or debris. It can handle solids up to 8/10ths of an inch in diameter and can discharge up to 198 gallons per minute.

Gas Trash Pump 3"

category #04 group #410

The 3" Trash pump can move up to 400 gallons per minute and solids up to 1.5 inches. The PT 3 series is popular for general dewatering of excavations, flooded basements, manholes, utility vaults, mining work, swimming pools, lakes and barge holds or wherever there is unwanted water

Roofers Pump

category #04 group #418

This powerful, light-weight electric submersible pump takes the work out of moving nuisance water. It is easy to use and can accommodate either a 1-1/4" hose or a popular garden hose. It is constructed of impact resistant, non-corrosive plastic.

Submersible Pump 2"

category #04 group #414

The Submersible Pump is capable of pumping sixty gallons of water per minute. It has the vertical suction to raise water up to thirty nine feet above pump level making it the perfect pump for emptying a pool.


Wet/Dry Vacuum

category #09 group #921

Robust, affordable, versatile: this high-performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner picks up dirt and water, designed for ultimate mobility for cleaning small areas.

Drywall Dust Vacuum

category #09 group #994

Powerful, ruggedly built and extremely efficient, the new Hilti VC 40-U wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the key to a clean, virtually dustless workplace. Offering consistently high suction performance, impressive versatility and an extremely practical design, these universal wet/dry vacuum cleaners are the perfect partners to connect to a wide range of dust generating tools within the Home Depot Tool Rental fleet. Keeping the dust particulates to a minimum provides for a safer environment in occupied buildings and reduces cleaning efforts once the project is completed.

Rent Our Equipment to Make Full Recovery

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