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Jigsaw Tips and Techniques

Jigsaw Tips & Techniques

Cutting Tips

With standard jigsaw blades, the blade cuts on the upstroke, an action that keeps the saw tightly against the stock to minimize vibration. This also means that tearout will occur on the top of the cut, so keep the good face of the material down when a clean cut is important.
With a reverse-tooth blade, the cutting action is on the downstroke, so position the good side up. Shut off orbiting action when using a reverse-tooth blade, and be aware that you'll have to supply downward pressure on the saw's body to reduce its tendency to jump.
When precision really counts, saw just to the waste side of the marked cutline, then file or sand to the line for perfect results.
Sideways pressure on the blade during a cut produces several side effects, and none of them are good. With side pressure, your cut can go out of square, producing an unintended bevel. The increased friction heats the blade, shortening its life and burning the cut. Always concentrate on guiding the saw with a steady forward motion, giving the blade enough time to do its job. Don't rush!

Metal Cutting Tips

When you're cutting metal, eye protection is an absolute necessity. If your saw has a dust blower, shut it off to help control the sharp chips. Also turn off the orbital action. Check your owner's manual for lubricants you can apply to the metal to smooth the cutting action and keep the blade cool.