Floor Care & Refinishing Equipment Rental


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Wood Tool

category #09 group #981

The Diamabrush Wood tool quickly removes gummy coatings such as: polyurethanes, adhesives, glue, aluminum-oxide, wax, etc. Using traditional sandpaper on these gummy coatings will cause the sandpaper to carmalize and clog decreasing the cut rate significantly. The Diamabrush Wood tool will effectively remove these coatings getting back to the bare wood, saving end-users time and money.

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Coating Removal Tool

category #09 group #978

The fastest, most-effective way of grinding away gummy coatings such as: mastic, glue, adhesives, epoxies, thin-set, paint, and other coatings. The unique wearable substrate design of the tool allows the blades to stay unclogged and clean. The tool can't be clogged even on the stickiest of coatings. The Coating Removal Disc 7" will save end-users a tremendous amount of time and money.

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Concrete Prep Tool

category #09 group #898

The simplest solution for concrete surface preparation. Traditional methods of etching concrete are with chemicals or large, expensive, concrete grinding machines. The Concrete Prep tool is used with a standard floor buffer. The tool is easy to use for Do-It-Yourselfers and Professionals.

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Hexpin Surface Prep System

category #09 group #955

Pearl Hexpin System for Scraping, Grinding, Sanding and Polishing Concrete

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Orbital Deck and Floor Sander

category #09 group #853

The Hiretech HTF Deck and Floor Sander is the perfect solution for light sanding and restoring exterior decks and interior floors.  Easy to use and highly resistant to damage by screws or nails, the HTF Deck and Floor Sander provides class-leading sanding weight on the sandpaper to make your sanding project more productive and ensures beautiful finished results.

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PRO Floor Edger 7"

category #09 group #913

The Hiretech HT7 PRO Floor Edger provides the power and smooth balance demanded by PRO users.  Designed for sanding along wallboards and in places not accessible to larger floor sanders, the HT7 PRO Edger features improved ergonomics for operator comfort and reliable day-after-day hard use design and construction.  When the job needs to get done on time, the HT7 PRO Edger is the tool for the job.

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PRO Drum Floor Sander

category #09 group #957

The Hiretech HT8 EXMS PRO Drum Floor Sander provides the power, production and versatility demanded by PRO users.  Using Hiretech's exclusive Multi-Speed technology, the HT8 EXMS PRO Drum Sander can operate at four different drum speeds to match the job conditions and production requirements of the PRO user.  Designed and built for reliable day-after-day hard use, the HT8 EXMS PRO gets the job done quickly and sands all wood floor surfaces to a beautiful, fine finish.

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Drum Floor Sander

category #09 group #905

An aggressive expandable drum machine used to refinish old or distressed floor.

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Floor Edger 7"

category #09 group #906

The floor edger is designed to be used with the drum sander for sanding close to the wall line. It's great for hard to reach places like closets, bathrooms and stair treads.


Square Buff Floor Sander

category #09 group #903

Multi-Purpose Orbital Sanding Machine used for screen and re-coat and general floor maintenance.


Random Orbit Floor Sander

category #09 group #953

The EZ Sand is a multi-purpose orbital sander that is more aggressive than the square buff, but not as difficult to use as the drum sander. Its modular design and quick change sandpaper design make it the ideal tool for light to medium sanding conditions.


Floor Burnisher

category #09 group #963

The PE200BU is a corded high speed floor polisher. With a pad speed of 1600 RPM, this electric machine operates on a 110 volt power supply. Ergonomic design, rugged construction and a 1.5 hp motor produces up to 15,000 square feet of burnished floors per hour." This product is ideal for polishing floor finishes applied to vinyl, concrete and marble surfaces. Its Commercial tough however easy to operate so the DIY and Pros will enjoy using this high speed polisher.

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Floor Maintainer

category #09 group #908

The floor maintainer is a rugged heavy duty floor buffer that can also be used to sand or screen wood floors.

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Floor Polisher

category #09 group #929

The floor polisher is a multi-purpose rotary tool that can be used with attachments, such as the Concrete Prep Tool, to grind concrete.

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Compact Floor Stripper

category #09 group #924

Designed to allow you to work quickly and efficiently even on the stairs. This multi-purpose scraper is ideal for the preparation of new floor covering. Removes carpeting, underpadding and vinyl tiles, glue, parquet, etc

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PRO Floor Stripper

category #09 group #972

The General FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper is a floor covering stripping machine that provides a productive solution for removing a wide range of materials with attention to operator ergonomics and overall operator safety.

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Tile Roller w/ Wheels

category #09 group #910

The Tile and Linoleum Roller with transport wheels is ideal for floor covering and linoleum installation


Dust Control Vacuum

category #09 group #994

Powerful, ruggedly built and extremely efficient, the new Hilti VC 40-U wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the key to a clean, virtually dustless workplace. Offering constantly high suction performance, impressive versatility and an extremely practical design, these universal wet/dry vacuum cleaners are the perfect partners to connect to a wide range dust generating tools within the Home Depot Tool Rental fleet. Keeping the dust particulates to a minimum provides for a safer environment in occupied buildings and reduces cleaning efforts once the project is completed.

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Beautiful hardwood floors are the pride and joy of many homes. With as much foot traffic as our floors must endure on a day-to-day basis, it comes as no surprise that they require regular attention and upkeep to keep them looking as good as new. To achieve professional quality results, you must start with the proper equipment to get the job done right. At The Home Depot Tool Rental Center, you can find everything you need to keep your floors looking beautiful, including polishers and floor sander rentals.