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Coating Removal & Surface Prep Tools

Wood Tool

category #09 group #981

Used on wood floors with a gummy coating that is traditionally difficult to remove with sandpaper. Quickly removes gummy coatings such as: polyurethanes, adhesives, glue, aluminum-oxide, wax, etc. Fits standard rotary floor maintainers and polishers.

Coating Removal Tool

category #09 group #897 

Effective tool for removal of mastics, glue, adhesives, thinset epoxies and paint from interior concrete. Easily mounts on a floor polisher or maintainer. Saves time and money; no need for harsh chemicals or labor intensive manual scraping.

Concrete Prep Tool

category #09 group #898

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to etch bare concrete floors. Ideal for garages, basements, workshops, commercial or industrial floors. Simple, chemical-free surface preparation to maximize coating adhesion.

Hexpin Surface Prep System

category #09 group #955

Effective tool for the removal of thick, crystallized or rough mastics, glue, adhesives, thinset epoxies and paint from interior concrete. Easily mounts on a floor polisher or maintainer. Saves time and money; no need for harsh chemicals or labor intensive manual scraping.

Floor Sanders

Floor Edger 7" (Hiretech)

category #09 group #913

The Hiretech HT7 PRO Floor Edger provides the power and smooth balance demanded by PRO users. Designed for sanding along wallboards and in places not accessible to larger floor sanders, the HT7 PRO Edger features improved ergonomics for operator comfort and reliable day-after-day hard use design and construction. When the job needs to get done on time, the HT7 PRO Edger is the tool for the job.

Floor Edger 7" (Clarke)

category #09 group #906

Designed to be used with the drum sander for sanding close to the wall line. Great for hard to reach places like closets, bathrooms and stair treads. Powerful 1 HP universal motor with vacuum fan for efficient dust control.

Orbital Deck and Floor Sander

category #09 group #853

Ideal for sanding of exterior decks and interior hardwood floors. Resistant to damage by screws or nails. „„Easy to transport.

Drum Floor Sander

category #09 group #905

Expandable drum machine is ideal for refinishing old or distressed flooring. Totally enclosed, heavy-duty 1-1/2 HP dual capacitor motor. Disassembles easily for transport.

Square Buff Floor Sander

category #09 group #903

A multi-purpose orbital sanding machine used for screen/re-coat and general floor maintenance applications. Smooth planetary gear system for durability. Operator-friendly design.

Random Orbit Floor Sander

category #09 group #953

Orbital sander ideal for light to medium sanding conditions. More aggressive than the square buff, but not as difficult to use as the drum sander.

Floor Polishers

Floor Maintainer

category #09 group #908

A rugged, heavy-duty floor buffer that can also be used to sand or screen wood floors. Rugged die-cast aluminum housing and durable motor and gearbox are designed for extended use. 50' power cord and 17" diameter lets you cover more ground with each pass.

Floor Polisher

category #09 group #929

A rotary tool that can be used with multiple surface preparation attachments. Offers strength, durability, and ease of use for those aggressive sanding jobs. Comes with a powerful 1.5 HP motor that provides smooth operation.

Floor Strippers

Easy Hammer Cart for Small Breaker

category #02 group #111

Ideal for removing tile, vinyl and wood flooring using heavy-duty chisel or asphalt cutter. Adjustable trolley for tile removal eliminates struggling with heavy jack hammers. Utilizes 35 lb breaker for maximum impact and productivity.

Compact Floor Stripper

category #09 group #924

This light-duty scraper is ideal for removing carpeting, underpadding, vinyl tiles, glue and parquet. Compact design allows you to work quickly and efficiently, even on the stairs. Removable and easy-to-replace blades.

PRO Floor Stripper

category #09 group #972

This heavy-duty scraper capable of high volume removal of carpeting, underpadding, vinyl tiles, glue and parquet. Strength and productivity removes material exponentially faster and easier. Adjustable operator handle folds for easy transport.

Floor Installation Tools

Tile Roller w/ Wheels

category #09 group #910

100 pound linoleum roller. 3 independent floating wheels to compenstate for inconsistencies. Equipped with transporting wheels to prevent damaging working surface.


Dust Control Vacuum

category #09 group #994

Pair with many dust generating tools to effectively collect airborne particles, for virtually a dust-free environment. ƒPerfect for accompanying electric tools, such as a concrete grinder, concrete saw and floor sanders to reduce dust contamination and cleanup. Quiet operating sound level of 59 dB(A).

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Beautiful hardwood floors are the pride and joy of many homes. With as much foot traffic as our floors must endure on a day-to-day basis, it comes as no surprise that they require regular attention and upkeep to keep them looking as good as new. To achieve professional quality results, you must start with the proper equipment to get the job done right. At The Home Depot Tool Rental Center, you can find everything you need to keep your floors looking beautiful, including polishers and floor sander rentals.