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Inspiration: Tankless Water Heaters


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Both gas-fueled and electric powered models are environmentally friendly and help you cut energy costs by heating water only when you need it, instead of storing and continuously heating water in a large tank.


Tankless water heaters deliver more than a near endless supply of hot water – they provide continuous comfort, unmatched convenience and cost-effective conservation to enhance any lifestyle. Here's how.


Continuous Comfort

Continuous Comfort A tankless unit heats water as it passes through instead of storing it in a large tank. This means you have a near endless supply of hot water for long, comfortable showers or relaxing soaks in a bathtub and still have hot water for cleaning clothes, washing dishes and other household uses. You also get peace of mind knowing your family is protected from scalding by unique features like self-diagnostic programs, advanced sensors that keep the unit from overheating and automatic shut-off systems.

Unmatched Convenience

Unmatched Convenience About the size of a medicine cabinet, the compact, space-saving tankless design installs on walls or in closets, freeing valuable floor space for additional storage. Tankless water heaters are a great solution for supplying hot water in new homes, retrofits, additions, and vacation homes. They are also ideal for providing hot water for outdoor sinks, Jacuzzis and pool showers.  Advanced features like digital display thermostats and accessories like remote controls keep operation simple.

Cost-Effective Conservation

Cost-Effective Conservation Heating hot water only when you need it can lower your household energy bills by as much as 40%. Tankless units reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to heat your water, and because they last up to 20 years and have easily replaceable parts, they help reduce waste in landfills. While tankless units may require a larger investment than traditional tank units, these higher initial costs are offset by long term benefits and cost savings. You'll find an earth-friendly ENERGY STAR ® qualified tankless model for your home at your local The Home Depot store.