How To Make a Raised Bed Salsa Garden

2-4 hours

Make fresh salsa ingredients in your very own garden

Raised bed kits come in different styles and sizes, and can often hold as many plants as you like. They’re great for yards with poor or compacted soil.

Making your own salsa ingredients only requires that you add dirt, vegetables, herbs and water.

Learn how to choose a location for your raised bed, how to set it up, and how to plant and maintain your vegetables in this guide.


Select a location
Select a location - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

Choose a flat, sunny spot for the bed. Since it will sit on top of the ground, add your own quality soil and amendments.

Assemble your kit
Assemble your kit - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

Put your raised bed kit together according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some kits are stackable, so you can grow plants with long root stems.

Line the bed with weed-block fabric
Line bed weed-block - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

Weed-block fabric is porous and will allow water to pass through for drainage. This is a barrier between the soil in the bed and the soil in your yard that helps keep weeds and grass from growing inside the bed.

Add soil
Add soil - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

Add enough soil and compost to fill the bed.

Add plants or seeds
Add plants or seeds - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

In the front of your box, plant 1 oregano plant and 9 red onions. In the middle of your box, plant 1 cilantro, 1 serrano, fresno chili or chile de arbol pepper (staked), and 1 Roma tomato (caged). In the back of your box, plant 1 cilantro, 1 jalepeno, hot banana or garden salsa pepper (staked) and 1 Roma tomato (caged).

Help your plants grow
Help your plants grow - Raised Bed Salsa Garden

As they grow, support plants as needed with stakes, props or cages. Stakes are available in various lengths, and props keep plants upright in strong winds or bad weather. Secure your plants to the props or stakes with Velcro plant ties or wire ties.

Water regularly if rainfall is scarce. Plants need about 1 inch of water weekly once they are actively growing.

Tip: Read about the do’s and don’ts of using raised beds in your Northern or Southern garden, and get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.